July 18, 2023

Dear Friends,

Excellent news! Louisiana legislators have voted to hold an override session in Baton Rouge today to consider overriding a dozen of Governor John Bel Edwards's vetoes, including three bills which protect children from hyper-sexual gender ideology. 

Chief among these bills is one which seeks to ban “gender-affirming medical care” (medical profiteers who exploit children with experimental treatments) for children who experience depression and anxiety over their body. 

The session started at noon TODAY.  

Join us at the Capitol to speak to your lawmakers and witness history being made.

Please pray that our legislators make the right decision and protect Louisiana children from harmful, irreversible procedures disguised as health care. 

Take Action!


Last week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that Perrigo's daily birth control pill, Opill, has been approved for sale without a prescription. To demonstrate just how political this move is,  Opill will not be subject to any age restrictions!

Opill is not without health risks. Research suggests that individuals taking progestin-only contraceptives may have a higher likelihood of developing breast cancer, cervical cancer, and brain cancer. In a study conducted in 2015, it was observed that women using progestin-only birth control had nearly three times the risk of glioma, a type of brain tumor, compared to those who had never used hormonal contraception.

In a statement opposing the decision, the National Catholic Bioethics Center, along with the Catholic Medical Association, the National Association of Catholic Nurses, and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops wrote, “We strenuously oppose the non-prescription availability of OPILL because such access … violates” the Hippocratic oath to do no harm. “Any patient having access to a medication that has the documented and potentially life-threatening side effects that can be present with OPILL, at a minimum, should be medically evaluated for contraindications to the drug.”

The FDA is prioritizing a hypersexual political agenda over the health & safety of women.  


Contrary to popular belief, parents still play a big role in instilling religious faith and political beliefs in the next generation.

An Institute for Family Studies (IFS) research brief reveals that parents have a significant success rate in passing on both their religious and political affiliations to their children. The report states, "Most parents pass along both religious and political affiliations to their children at high rates." Furthermore, it highlights the efficient transmission of politics and religion across generations, from parents and grandparents to their children.

Pew Research Center's report supports this finding, stating that "82% of Protestant parents had teenagers who also identified as Protestant, 81% of Catholic parents had Catholic teenagers, and 86% of parents with no religious affiliation had teenagers who identified as 'nones.’"

In addition, the theological approach that parents take plays a significant role.

Jesse Smith, a sociologist from Penn State University, conducted an extensive academic study revealing that "religious transmission is more pronounced among children of religious conservatives compared to other groups."

The study also found that the variances in transmission can be largely attributed to the parenting approaches of religious conservatives, their involvement in religious congregations, and, most notably, their commitment to intensive religious socialization. In Christian terms, this aligns with the concept of "discipleship."

This should serve as tremendous encouragement. Parents hold a powerful and lasting influence as the primary evangelists for their children, and this influence has not diminished in recent years. 


Friends, Matthew 18:6 tells us that causing children to engage in evil practices would be worse than drowning in the depths of the sea. However, proponents of gender ideology– including some of our elected officials– are doing just that. Pray for the protection of childhood innocence as Louisiana lawmakers consider vital override actions today. 

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


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