July 20, 2021

Dear Friends,

Today is the day!

Louisiana’s first-in-history veto override session begins TODAY at noon and will last up to five days. Your calls and emails to lawmakers have made an impact to this point but we still have work to do to ensure SB 156 (Fairness in Women’s Sports) SB 118 (Constitutional Carry), as well as Election Integrity legislation (HB 20), which are on the agenda, return to reality via a veto override of Governor John Bel Edwards.

Your voice matters right now – perhaps more than ever!

We have an incredible opportunity to change Louisiana for the better. We have the chance to cement constitutional rights, protect families, and more. This is the final word. Please keep contacting your senators and representatives and ask them to support SB 156 and SB 118!


Female athletes throughout the United States are fed up with biological males invading their sports, activities, scholarships, and awards podiums.

Female powerlifter Beth Stelzer is just one of the many athletes pointing out what is obvious to most: “Allowing males to compete in female sports is not progressive; it’s abusive.”

Governor Edwards, upon vetoing SB 156, said the bill was a “solution in search of a problem that does not exist in Louisiana.” Obviously, he does not recall issuing Executive Order 2016-11 which would have forced girls to accept boys in the women’s locker room had it not been stopped by the Attorney General’s lawsuit!

Edwards appealed and LOST three times on this issue. The final decision came from the State Supreme Court in 2018, which voted 5-2 in favor of Attorney General Jeff Landry’s position – that girls and women do have a right to privacy.

This “problem," which Governor Edwards claims does not exist, came to Louisiana when he arrived. He is misleading you if he says otherwise – his action to invite this kerfuffle is only mitigated by Landry’s success in court, and the threat to erase women's sports is heightened by President Joe Biden's similar order at the national level.

We have an opportunity to preserve Women’s Sports in Louisiana with SB 156 – the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. Overriding his veto will send a clear message to the nation that women deserve dignity, respect and fair competition.


Aside from women’s sports, this veto override session has also gained national attention because Louisiana is among the first states in the nation where citizens are asserting their Constitutional rights.

Dan Zelinka, President of the Louisiana Shooting Association, offered this common-sense response: “I don’t think that any more criminals will carry than are currently carrying. What it does allow is the law-abiding citizen to carry and law abiding citizens have never been a problem.”

Precisely! Law-abiding citizens have never been the problem. Contact your lawmakers and tell them to support SB 118.


LFF’s will host a prayer vigil today at 11:00am in the Capitol in the Hainkel Room before the override session officially begins at noon.

Please join us in praying that SB 156 and others will pass, that legislators will have clear wisdom about how and when to speak, and that Louisiana will have clarity about which legislators stand with them on the issues they care most about.

This session will last no longer than five days. The time to act is now! Please contact your lawmakers and ask them to override the Governor’s veto of Fairness in Women's Sports.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. We will get back to you this afternoon with an update!

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