A previous version of this email misidentified a State Representative who voted to support Governor Edwards' veto. The email should have said Rep. Roy Daryl Adams. LFF regrets the error.


July 27, 2021

Dear Friends,

LFF is quite surprised by the political commentary in the aftermath of last week’s veto override session. The media has sought to paint Governor Edwards as a champion and everyone else a loser; neither our analysis nor the numbers justify such a conclusion.

The Advocate editorial board, who declared the failure to keep biological boys out of girls locker rooms “a moral victory,” is simply bankrupt and bereft of any moral compass to measure such standards.

Other media and political “pros” who declared Governor Edwards “the uniter,” who championed the righteous response from the Black Caucus to save his legacy, must ignore the strong-arm tactics he had to employ to exert his will over their conscience. I heard from more than one Black Caucus member who struggled with this vote: “my conscience tells me it’s the right thing to do, but I’m staying with the governor on this one!”

An overwhelming majority of Louisiana residents support the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. This support has not been diminished simply because three members of the House, Chad Brown, Travis Johnson, and Roy Daryl Adams, lied to Speaker Clay Schexnayder about their plans to uphold this effort during the veto override session.

The governor didn't win; he lost on the original legislation in the House and Senate, and would have lost on the veto override had it not been for three people lying. The media may be trying to protect him but Louisiana's people aren't going to forget about this. This issue will be back. 

It appears Governor Edwards has done to the Republican majorities what Joe Biden has done to gun sales – he’s defined and clarified the opposition, unified the troops, and made himself and his accomplices the target of their political next steps! This override session was a stern rebuke for Governor Edwards from a clear majority of Louisiana citizens. It was certainly no moral victory as posed by Louisiana’s left-wing media.

We see the unfortunate outcome of this session as a temporary setback on the path to protecting women and girls in Louisiana. The legislation in question, Fairness in Women’s Sports is clearly the will of the people of Louisiana – and it will be back next session!

We want to thank you for your incredible support and for your passion, which we will carry into the next legislative session as we work with House and Senate leadership to right the governor’s error and ensure this measure becomes law.


The radical left wants you to believe that women not only want but need access to late-term abortion.

New data shows that at least 80% of Americans think third trimester abortions should be illegal; at least 65% think abortions in the second trimester should also be illegal. Women, of course, are included in that polling data.

Radical feminist messaging suggests that abortion on-demand is a right – and yet most rational Americans agree that there should be many limits on abortion.

As the pro-life movement gains momentum, more citizens have access to greater transparency and knowledge about fetal development and abortion procedure methodologies. Quite simply, the more Americans understand about the unborn child, the more likely they are to reject abortion.

Please join LFF in prayer and support for the pro-life movement so more Louisianians come to value the unborn child!


Medical experimentation on children is abuse – period. Unfortunately, many in the medical community have abandoned the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm” and instead are pushing radical surgeries and drugs for gender dysphoria diagnoses on children.

This madness led to California mandating that insurance providers must cover the cost of mastectomies in children. Radical left apologists are saying there’s nothing wrong with a 13-year-old girl receiving a double mastectomy as “treatment” for gender dysphoria.

The safety of children is at stake. Children must be protected; parents need to be involved in every step of their children’s medical care.

Parental rights are essential to the future of our country.


Attorney General Jeff Landry is fighting tyranny again. This time, he is threatening to sue VCOM, the Edward Via College of Medicine, for its “snitch” program, targeting unvaccinated students.

Mandating COVID vaccines is “inconsistent with state and federal law in addition to being premature,” Landry says, since they have not been fully cleared and approved by the FDA.

The bottom line is that liberty is fundamental. Americans should be free to choose whether or not they want to receive an experimental vaccine. Prohibiting their right to work, study, or live their lives otherwise without the vaccine is unethical. As we’ve said from the beginning – ethical vaccine availability for all; mandates for none!

Thank you, AG Landry, for standing up for liberty in Louisiana!


Friends, everything we fight for comes down to ethics. On every topic – from the right to life to religious freedom – we must ask, “what is right?”

Just because something is legal does not make it right. We are living in a time where many laws and policies across the country make abhorrent practices legal – but they are neither ethical nor just.

Join us as we keep fighting for what’s right in Louisiana.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. The tide is turning in Louisiana. Will you consider supporting LFF as we tackle the issues that threaten family, faith, and freedom?

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