August 3, 2021

Dear Friends,

There is no reasonable rationale for women to be drafted into war!

Last week, the Senate Armed Forces Committee approved an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act which would require just that.

Men and women are physically and biologically different and are suited for uniquely different roles. War, the only real justification for the draft, requires a highly trained and effective fighting force. There is simply no justification for a female draft. Women already have the ability to enlist in the military; however, to force those who aren’t oriented for warfare into service is unnecessary, cruel, and unusual.

The U.S. military should reject sexual political games like this. D.C. politics have no place in modern warfare.

LFF signed onto a statement opposing this amendment. We urge you to contact Senator John Kennedy and Senator Bill Cassidy and ask them to reject this amendment.


Earlier this year, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the so-called Equality Act, despite the fact that the law would discriminate against Americans who want to live according to their religious and faith values.

If passed by the Senate, the word “sex” in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would be replaced by a new definition, which includes “sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.” This would effectively make “gender identity” a category of those protected against “discrimination,” harming Americans’ abilities to speak out against it, keep their kids from predatory gender transition programs, or push back on the idea that one can change their biological status.

Effectively, if the Equality Act were approved by the U.S. Senate, all public facilities and programs would have to treat biological men who “identify” as women the same as actual women. This means that biological men identifying as women can use female showers, locker rooms and restrooms, join programs meant for women, and receive funding allocated for women. This is horrible byproduct of radical D.C. sexual politics.

According to the Equality Act, the assumption that a man is indeed a man is a “sex-based stereotype” and discrimination. If you object, you are labeled an extremist.

Regardless, neither biology nor the God-given truth, that there are only two biological sexes, will change.


Deanna Fortin is an attorney from Louisiana – and she says she wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the Hyde Amendment.

The Hyde Amendment is a bipartisan measure that prevents tax dollars from funding abortion in programs like Medicare and has been included in appropriations bills for decades. Despite its long history of support, the House of Representatives voted to kill its support for Hyde the first time in decades – effectively mandating that taxpayers directly pay for abortions.

Deanna was born to a single, impoverished mother, and many pro-choice advocates use theoretical stories that sound like hers to argue for abortion.

“I’ve actually seen abortion activists use hypotheticals that exactly match my story to advocate for getting rid of Hyde, explicitly arguing that someone like me would be better off dead than being born into the situation I was,” she says.

“It is extremely painful to listen to this type of message, as if my life was worthless because I was born into poverty. It seems to be a very out of touch, classist argument.”

Deanna insists that because her mother was offered prenatal care and support from birth into infancy instead of abortion, she was able to choose life.


Friends, it’s stories like Deanna’s that remind us that our advocacy saves real lives. We fight for Hyde and all other policies that promote the sanctity of life and reject abortion because each life is precious and has dignity. Just saving one life is worth all of the effort – but we hope to save many more!

Please pray for the pro-life movement and all those fighting for faith, freedom, and family.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum

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