August 16, 2022

Dear Friends

The three abortion clinics in Louisiana announced this week that they are relocating out of state. Abortion, Inc has left the building.

It’s an overwhelming feeling to realize that after nearly 50 years of trying, the people of Louisiana have stopped the unspeakable horror of abortion and have removed it from our state. The clinics are relocating their staffs, they are leaving in disgrace with an uncertain future elsewhere.

I’m sure the legal challenges will continue for a time, and we will keep you updated, but the process of evicting the abortion industry’s presence from Louisiana is nearly complete.

Praise the Lord.


A middle school librarian from Livingston Parish is suing two men who called her out after she defended keeping materials (that are too adult for a newspaper to print) in a school library.

She testified the following:

“Just because you enter a library, it does not mean that you will not see something you don’t like. Libraries have diverse collections with resources from many points of view, and a library’s mission is to provide access to information for all users. All library users have the First Amendment right to borrow, read, view, and listen to library resources…Just because you don’t want to read it or see it, it doesn’t give you the right to deny others or demand its relocation. If we remove or relocate books with LBGTQ or sexual health content, what message is that sending to our community members? Why is your belief system any more important than others?”

There’s a basic misunderstanding of some underlying truths here. Children do not have a First Amendment right to have access to pornography. Libraries do not have a First Amendment right to display pornography to minors.

The question of challenging books for content is clear. If they are, in fact, pornographic, citizens should be able to speak up to defend our children from those who would expose them to adult subject matter at a young age.


Inflation is still roaring, even after the Federal Reserve raised rates last month. In this environment, Senator Kennedy went on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to spell out solutions.

“From where I sit, the solution is so straightforward…Number one: While the Federal Reserve is doing its job, stop spending — we have a federal budget; live within it. Number two: Start to reduce the deficit. Number three: Freeze all federal proposed federal regulations, which are just going to add to the cost of goods and services.”

It’s good to see that one of the strongest voices for getting inflation under control is our own Senator, and we encourage him to go farther. While eliminating the deficit is a great start, to pay back our national debt, we need to do more than just break even, we need to run surpluses; and the best way to do that is to cut spending. Senator Kennedy is right, though, the first step is to live within our means, and be good stewards of what we have.


Friend,we’re so excited to have two top-notch legal minds from Mississippi whose case reversed Roe v. Wade at this year’s LFF Awards Gala - Attorney General Lynn Fitch will provide our keynote speech with special guest Solicitor General Scott Stewart. Secure a sponsorship here and join us on September 20th at the Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


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