August 10, 2021

Dear Friends,

I am just back from the wild Alaskan frontier, where I witnessed beautiful untamed territories alongside colleagues from across the country. The Sockeye salmon cooperated, too. I highly recommend a journey to explore Alaska’s vast, untouched beauty!


Before we get to the pressing issues of today – and there are several – I want to celebrate the great news we received at the end of last week: a judge ruled in favor of Louisiana’s common-sense law restricting the ability of minors to obtain an abortion without parental consent. This law is designed to protect both minors and the unborn child.

Here’s the exceptionally ‘good news’: pro-abortionists, who are solely focused on profit via abortions, are frustrated by Louisiana’s stream of pro-life laws.

We don’t expect this to be the last we hear from the pro-abortion lobby, but this was a sound judicial decision that will save lives! A big thank you to all of you who participated in bringing this bill to law, and to the pro-life allies who worked alongside LFF in this effort.

LIFE wins in the Pelican State – America’s MOST pro-life state!


Governor John Bel Edwards has chosen to take his COVID counsel from D.C. politicians, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, but he won’t be allowed to implement their agenda without serious resistance from Louisiana’s top law enforcement.

Attorney General Jeff Landry issued a five-page opinion, citing that the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) has the authority to determine whether little kids should be forced to wear face masks in school – not the governor.

Landry wrote: "BESE finds within the state constitution its authority to supervise and control education in this State, and the Legislature is the only other entity with constitutional authority to regulate education in Louisiana on a statewide basis.”

Governor Edwards responded to the opinion, implying that he believes he has the authority under the “Emergency Powers Act” to make such calls. So-called bipartisanship is meaningless when essential & civil rights are jeopardized.

This is a necessary debate. We are grateful for limits on and separation of powers, and an informed and skeptical public, committed to protecting Louisiana from authoritarianism and unilateral control!


Seemingly without warning, dozens of left-controlled states and cities are implementing or thought to be considering either or both mask and vaccination mandates – a marked departure from the “my body my choice” mantra championed by the same political groups on other issues.

LFF is monitoring several situations in Louisiana, including vaccine mandates issued by four private universities and efforts to expand those mandates to public schools.

LFF’s statement on current mandates:

“Personal freedom and responsibility have always been essential to Louisiana’s identity. LFF has advocated from the beginning of these emergency orders that the decision to receive a vaccine is always a personal choice that should be made based on an individual belief, conviction, and medical circumstances.

“LFF opposes any effort to compel an individual to accept a vaccination that conflicts with their religious belief, or any effort that prevents churches and businesses from operating at full capacity, mandates to wear face coverings, or authoritarian regulations that infringe upon freedom in the name of public health.”

LFF remains committed to availability of ethical vaccines (not all on the market meet this standard) for all, mandates for none!


The infrastructure “deal” we wrote about on Friday, littered with little buyouts for selected states, Louisiana included, is bad news. The bill is coercive and very limited on actual “infrastructure.”

Many are extremely concerned about this bill’s passage, and that 19 Republican senators, including Sen. Bill Cassidy, voted YES. The SOGI provision was not struck from the bill.

We will keep you updated on what this means for your church and business as we learn more.


Friends, there are some serious threats before us, but we know that with God, we have the strength to stand up for what’s right here in Louisiana. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Take heart – there are many in our movement fighting with you!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Will you join LFF if our efforts to protect freedom in Louisiana? Thank you!

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