August 15, 2023

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Louisiana Family Forum (LFF) has released its 2023 Legislative Scorecard, surveying votes cast during the 2023 Regular Session of the Legislature as well as the Veto Override Session.

This year, LFF evaluated support or opposition for: religious and personal liberty, the protection of children against sexual politics, experimental and harmful “gender-care,” election integrity, school choice and busting the expenditure cap.

Eighteen (18) representatives earned the Outstanding Family Advocate Award by scoring 100 percent on LFF’s Scorecard. These legislators will receive LFF’s esteemed Patrick Henry Award at the LFF 2023 Legislative Annual Gala planned for Thursday, September 28th, at Healing Place Church Arena in Baton Rouge. Additionally, 67 lawmakers will be honored with the Family Advocate Award for scoring 80-99 percent on LFF’s Scorecard.

Ten lawmakers earned the prestigious Life and Liberty Award for authorship of key new laws:

  • Senator Heather Cloud - SB7 - Protection of Children in Public Libraries
  • Senator Beth Mizell - SB63 - Religious Freedom Amend. and SB41 CPC tax credit
  • Senator Caleb Kleinpeter  SB 94 - Regulation of Kratom
  • Representative Raymond Crews - HB457 - Certificate of Non-Viable Birth Act
  • Representative Rick Edmonds - HB443 - Adoption Credit, HB462 School Transparency
  • Representative Valarie Hodges - HB68 - Allows History & Literature of Bible in schools
  • Representative Dodie Horton - HB8 - "In God We Trust" in every classroom
  • Representative Blake Miguez - HB311 - Prohibition of private funds for Elections
  • Representative Chuck Owen - HB291 - No Patient Left Alone Act
  • Representative Laurie Schlegel - HB61 and HB77 - Protecting Children on the Internet

LFF’s highest award, the 2023 Gladiator of the Year, goes to Representative Gabe Firment for HB648, The Stop Harming Children Act.  Rep. Firment’s perseverance led to a historic override of the Governor’s veto and allowed Louisiana to protect minors from medical experimentation in the form of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and irreversible surgeries.

LFF Awards Gala is the highlight of our year as we host pastors, partners, and friends from across Louisiana to honor public servants who just wrote the most recent chapter of Louisiana public policy. This year will be especially memorable as LFF celebrates its Silver Anniversary.  So secure your sponsorship today for the LFF Awards Gala.

The full 2023 LFF Legislative Scorecard is available online.


Responding to Governor John Bel Edwards's request, the Louisiana Pardon Board promptly arranged hearings for 20 out of 56 death row inmates who are requesting commuted sentences to life imprisonment instead of facing the prospect of execution. Notable among the list are several of the state's infamous killers.

The Louisiana District Attorneys Association correctly criticized this action.

“It is unconscionable to force any victims to relive the most horrific events of their lives under what is clearly a manufactured crisis,” the district attorneys said. “This is unprecedented in our history, and it is disingenuous at best to couch this as the normal order of things. These are the most horrific and complex cases in our system, and they are being rushed through – jumping ahead of 440 previously filed applications” by other inmates.

Edwards said that while the death row inmates have been found guilty of “horrible offenses,” he questions “whether a state-sanctioned execution meets the values of our pro-life state.”

Louisiana distinguishes the value of every innocent human life, from those convicted of offenses warranting state action as afforded by statute, constitution and Romans 13:1-4.


Recent findings from the Monitoring the Future survey by the University of Michigan, focused on 12th grade high school students, show that the share of young men embracing conservatism has skyrocketed in recent years.

While the Left often touts their achievements in terms of "the youth vote," the truth is that a significant gender disparity is emerging, and this phenomenon could lead to significant and lasting political consequences in the years ahead.

Compared to 2010, young men are twice as likely to align with conservatism. Roughly one-fourth of male 12th graders indicate they identify as conservative or very conservative, while only 13% express a liberal or very liberal stance.

“The results from our work suggest there is a strong conservative element within Gen Z on policy issues…a shift to more traditional views among the male population,” said Professor David McLennan, who directed the poll.


Friends, please join us in praying for all those affected by the wildfires in Maui. In a time of such devastation, we are reminded of the power of prayer and the Christian call to care for those in need in any way that we can. Remember that we serve a God Who has conquered death. Nothing is impossible for Him. 

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


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