August 22, 2023

Dear Friends,

As of this week, eight Democrats and 11 Republicans have been elected to Louisiana’s 39-member Senate because they faced no opposition or candidate challenges. 

That means a Senate supermajority won’t be a heavy lift for the Republican Party this cycle...and that the Legislature’s upper chamber has already been decided—seven and a half weeks before Election Day.

With the exception of Lafayette Rep. Jean-Paul Coussan, all elected so far are incumbents, including Sens. Regina Barrow, Gerald Boudreaux, Joe Bouie, Gary Carter, Heather Cloud, Royce Duplessis, Cleo Fields, Franklin Foil, Jimmy Harris, Bob Hensgens, Eddie Lambert, Jay Luneau, Patrick McMath, Jay Morris, Mike Reese, Jeremy Stine, Kirk Talbot and Glenn Womack.

Sen. Cameron Henry and six other lawmakers face single challengers and they are expected to have incredibly strong showings in the primary: Sens. Ed Price in Senate District 2, Caleb Kleinpeter in Senate District 17, Mike Fesi in District 20, Mark Abraham in Senate District 25 and Katrina Jackson in Senate District 34. Rep. Greg Miller is also positioned to overperform in round one in Senate District 19.

Sen. Beth Mizell in District 2 and Rep. Bill Wheat in District 37 probably deserve to be in the above category, but they’re facing two challengers each. Runoffs aren’t necessarily expected for those two Senate seats, but you never know.

Then there are another 11 races that will be among the hottest legislative contests to watch this cycle. Click here to see Jeremy Alford’s analysis at


Good news! Following legal threats from Republican lawmakers, Walgreens announced that it will not distribute abortion pills in almost 24 states, including Louisiana.

In early February, a group of Republican state attorneys general threatened to take legal action against the company if it initiated the distribution of mifepristone in their respective states.

Walgreens said, “we are not distributing mifepristone at this time. We intend to be a certified pharmacy and will distribute mifepristone only in those jurisdictions where it is legal and operationally feasible.”

The abortion pill puts women at risk for infection, injury, loss of fertility, depression, and other life-threatening complications. Abortions performed using the pill also have a higher rate of dangerous side effects than surgical abortions. This is a victory for the health and safety of women and their preborn children!


A recent survey conducted on behalf of the American Principles Project revealed that an overwhelming majority of registered American voters, amounting to 83%, are in favor of implementing a nationwide requirement for age verification in order to access pornography websites. This proposed federal law would require individuals accessing pornography to provide valid proof of being at least 18-years old before being granted access to such sites.

“It should come as no shock that Americans don’t want their kids watching porn," said APP president Terry Schilling. "Beyond being simple common sense, the evidence is overwhelming that early exposure to sexual content can lead to many terrible consequences for a child’s mental and even physical health."

Seven states, including Louisiana, have already implemented age verification laws. It’s time to protect children from the dangerous effects of pornography exposure nationwide.


Friends, Baron de Montesquieu once said that “the deterioration of every government begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded.” Unfortunately, that is what we are witnessing in the U.S. today. Our country was founded on Christian principles, but secular culture is rejecting God’s order. Join us in praying for a Christian revival!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum

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