September 26, 2023

Dear Friends,

We cannot wait to host you at Healing Place Church in just two days on Thursday, September 28th for LFF’s Silver Anniversary Gala!

Very few individual tickets remain, so grab yours here now!

This event will be one for the record books! We will host 45+ lawmakers for honors earned during the 2023 Legislative Session. Special guests include Tony Perkins, the founder of Louisiana Family Forum and current President of Family Research Council, and Abraham Hamilton III, General Counsel of the American Family Association, and host of the widely popular show "The Hamilton Corner!"

Most importantly, we will reflect on 25 years of LFF impact and lay the groundwork for the next 25!

Join us Thursday as we celebrate statesmanship, government impact, and Louisiana’s future!

Click here for sponsorships, individual tickets and details.

I will see you there! is now live and ready to help you and your family, neighbors, and friends prepare for the October 14th primary election!

The guide is a zip code driven tool that will give you a preview of what your actual ballot will look like on October 14th. The tool analyzes candidates’ political leanings based on their stated policy preferences and track record, empowering you to make educated choices on October 14th.

The guide also includes evaluations on the constitutional amendments that are on the ballot including the incredibly important Amendment #2.

Constitutional Amendment #2, an LFF backed initiative, simply requires the Louisiana government to meet the highest standard afforded by law as well as the least restrictive means before places of worship and their subsidiaries are limited in movement or ministry, and never more so than other organizations, businesses, or services when declaring emergency restrictions. This is a vital protection against government overreach, such as occurred during CoVid. Spread the word: a YES vote on Amendment #2 clarifies a fundamental right to worship!


Screenshot taken from the Louisiana House of Representatives website.

Louisiana lawmaker Laurie Schlegel (R) aimed to strengthen protections for children on pornographic websites. Now, her legislation has become the model for the entire nation.

As a licensed sex addiction therapist, Schlegel was very familiar with how harmful pornography can be to children’s brains, so she crafted Louisiana House Bill 142, which requires age verification to access pornography online. She found a sweet spot where a law could restrict minors' access to pornography without facing challenges for being unconstitutional.

Schlegel has not only imposed effective restrictions on the billion-dollar online porn industry for the first time ever, compelling websites to safeguard children in Louisiana and withdraw from at least three U.S. states, but she has also provided a legislative framework that has been adopted by other states across the nation.

“I am truly humbled to see that we began a movement that has swept the country and began a long overdue conversation about how we can protect kids from hardcore pornography,” Schlegel said. 

Approximately two dozen states have put forward similar policy proposals. These states include Arkansas, Montana, Mississippi, Utah, Virginia, and Texas. This summer, Pornhub decided to completely withdraw from Mississippi, Utah, and Virginia, opting not to comply with the newly implemented age verification mandates. Hopefully, the rest of the nation will adopt Schlegel’s model. Children deserve to have their innocence protected. 

Read Laurie Schlegel's full story here


Friends, thank you for your continued prayers and support. We could not be Team LFF without you! If you can’t make it to our Gala on Thursday, please pray with us in spirit, that Louisiana may be “reset” in the upcoming year to help ensure Louisiana is a place where God is honored, life is cherished, families flourish and liberty reigns!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


P.S. LFF Gala Sponsors Phil and “Miss Kay” & Al Robertson of the Duck Dynasty family will miss Thursday due to the premiere of their feature length film which unpacks Phil’s conversion.  

The Blind is a wonderful story about the redemptive love of Jesus Christ and the power of faith, which is exactly what this generation needs right now. The Blind opens in select theaters Thursday, September 28th. Click here for additional information.


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