September 28, 2021

Dear Friends

For those of you unable to join us last Thursday for LFF’s Night of Hope, here is the video for you to witness this powerful event!

Also please enjoy this pictorial library of our night to inspire pastors, policy makers and relief workers rebuilding Louisiana! You can view the full album here.

Louisiana is blessed to have Congressman Mike Johnson. 

In addition to offering an amendment to protect the ban on taxpayer-funded abortion, Rep. Johnson gave a compelling speech on why protecting Hyde-themed principles is so important. 

He noted: “In 1994, even then Senator Joe Biden stated, ‘Those of us who are opposed to abortion should not be compelled to pay for them.’ He was precisely right, but sadly, he, too has given in now to the radical abortion lobby.”


A new policy in a Tennessee school district sought to prohibit prayer in any school activity. 

So students, including football players who regularly involved prayer in their game time rituals, and parents were upset by the edict. 

So…they prayed!

The powerful photo shows football players and parents joined in prayer together on the football field after the game.

When asked about the decision to lead the team in prayer, Elijah Burgess said, "One of the things that growing up I never thought would happen is that I would be told not to pray.”

"They told us to not pray, so I had to do that," Elijah said. "That's like one of the things that I’ve got to do if someone tells me not to do."

Kudos to these players and parents!


Last week, the Vernon Parish Police Jury adopted a proclamation protesting any limitations to freedom and personal choice, particularly with regard to vaccine passports and mandates.

After referencing the United States Constitution and outlining the importance of freedom and the limitations government should have on infringing it, the proclamation ended:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Police Jury of Vernon Parish in the State of Louisiana do protest any and all limitations to personal freedom and choice imposed by vaccine mandates, passports, lock-downs, surveillance, segregation, laws and any restrictions of safe and effective treatments of the Coronavirus, issued by either State or Federal Government to the citizens of Vernon Parish, State of Louisiana and of the United States of America.

Local leadership matters!


Friendsthese stories demonstrate why doing what’s right in your family and community is so important. 

Our actions and the way we raise our children may seem routine, but the courage and fortitude displayed at the local level could have a national impact. 

I pray that we each carry out our duties this week with the same courage and resolve!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Special thanks to those still laboring to restore and rebuild those impacted by Ida!

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Operation Blessing


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Special thanks again to these wonderful organizations!


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