November 1, 2022

Dear Friends

A survey from WalletHub used 53 measures, including assaults per capita, unemployment rates, murders per capita and some more “controversial” measures – like “vaccination” rates – to compare all 50 states. 

“Louisiana, was either at or near the bottom in nearly all categories. For murder & non-negligent manslaughter per capita, the state ranked last. It was also 46th in fatalities per miles of travel,” the report says. And, Louisiana ranked 5th for police officers per capita!

What do you think Louisiana must do to become a place where God is honored, life is respected, families flourish and liberty reigns? 


Who remembers when public libraries were safe, sterile spaces for children who love books and exploring new ideas? Well, those days appear to be over. The public library of today is the epicenter of the culture war and the fight is on for the hearts and minds of your children! 

In June, a grandmother was shocked to find a “Pride” display in the her local library. Confident that leadership would immediately correct the inappropriate expression, she attended the St. Tammany Library Control Board (LCB) meeting and bravely spoke against promotion of LGBT politics. She and others became discouraged after they voiced opposition to the tax-payer support of LGBT politics and no solutions were offered by the LCB. 

In the meantime, curious parents were stunned to find other material demonstrating how to perform sexual acts, rape, and other "adult content." One parent pictorially highlighted Gender Queer (WARNING: Extreme material of a sexual nature) and showed the LCB their "offerings!”

Things began to change on October 25, 2022 when a large contingent showed up to speak against this madness. There were no assurances from the LCB, but a groundswell of support has captured the attention of elected officials. LFF suggests at a minimum that sexual material be made inaccessible to minors. Parents want all publicly-funded smut to be removed.

Whether it’s a “Pride” display or “Drag Queen Story Hour” or other "sexual content" there appears to be an organized effort to sexualize our children (WARNING: graphic). Much of this being advocated by the American Library AssociationSt. Tammany Parish is not alone in libraries making sexual material available to minors. You might want to check your own library system’s collection.

LFF holds that there is no appropriate way to introduce inappropriate material to a child. St. Tammany, contact your Parish Council and request this issue be addressed immediately! 


Friend,don’t forget to check out as your election resource before the midterms which are just one week from today!

Also, please pray that God grants us mercy and restores justice to America!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


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