November 23, 2021

Dear Friends

Under a proposed Louisiana Department of Health rule, all Louisiana students at schools, daycares and universities, would be required to obtain a COVID-19 “vaccine.”

As written – and pending if the proposed rule goes through – the mandate would only apply to groups approved by the FDA to receive the vaccine, which currently includes those ages 16 and up.

Supposedly, exemptions will be allowed for parents to reject the vaccine on behalf of their children. Still, many are uncomfortable with this government overreach, and Republican legislators are planning on blocking the rule. 

In order for that to occur, a majority of the members of both oversight committees is needed as well as the governor. Yet Governor Edwards has said he thinks it would be "absolutely foolish" not to pursue the mandate. Here we go again! 

Looks like it’s time to contact your legislators and encourage them to say NO to Shots for Tots.

Meanwhile, LFF Advisory Board Member and grocer Brandon Trosclair is leading the charge against President Biden's mandate for businesses with more than 100 employees. Click here to see the Liberty Justice Center's profile of Brandon and his fight.


We are just over one week away from Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization being heard by the US Supreme Court on December 1. 

The Dobbs case involves a Mississippi law (and companion Louisiana trigger law) which prohibits abortion after the 15th week of gestation, when the preborn child already has the ability to hear his or her mother’s voice. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Dobbs, Roe v. Wade may very well be overturned. 

What does this mean for Louisiana?

It means Louisiana could be abortion free very soon!

Let’s pray for an end to Roe! Please let us know if you are joining in our prayers to end Roe by simply replying to this email with the following message: "I prayed for an abortion-free Louisiana!"


One week from today is Giving Tuesday!

After bellies and hearts are hopefully full from a restful and restorative Thanksgiving with family, we would be humbled if you were able to include Louisiana Family Forum in your gifts on Giving Tuesday.

LFF has a number of legislative goals for 2022 – including bringing back Fairness in Women’s Sports – and we cannot do it without you.

God bless each of you and thank you for your continued support.


Friends, as we head into the Thanksgiving holidays, we pray that each of you is able to spend time with family, giving thanks to God for His abundance of blessings.

We are filled with enormous gratitude for you, your families, and the wonderful work that's being done in Louisiana. Especially as we continue to recover hand-in-hand after Hurricane Ida, I cannot help but be overwhelmed and humbled by the charity Louisiana neighbors give to one another.

I hope this Thanksgiving brings you rest and restoration. Have a blessed week.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


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