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History is His Story!

March 30, 2018


Today, we celebrate an essential moment in the greatest story ever told, the sacrifice of the Lamb of God!

His story is one of unmistakable compassion, inconceivable sacrifice, and reconciling love! That the Son of God would take on human form and lay down His life to secure mankind's redemption, moves me to my core!

His story is a familiar, yet widely misunderstood one that is celebrated annually. It is noteworthy that the central character is alive today and seated at the right hand of the Father- especially after the events of that fateful day. John 1:14 begins, "The Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory." Later, Luke 23:34 picks up where He uttered these words, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."

Those words still resonate in Father's heart because of His Son's completed work!

Christians worldwide embrace the forgiveness the Cross provides and the covenant Christ promises. His story is still being told by your life and mine and He still changes the manner in which we think, love and live. HE defines what is real and gives vision to what is coming. For His followers, life is a contemplation of His love and a communication of His story and its masterful Author. Providentially, Good Friday's sad chapter concludes, as promised, with a glorious Resurrection that still gives eternal life to those who embrace its hero, Jesus. Generation after generation, we remember with humble gratitude the events on that dreadful day. We share in His story. I am honored to be part of His narrative with you! Click to read some interesting facts about Good Friday and Easter!

This Week at the Capitol!

Although the gambling lobby managed to win temporary approval for several measures that deregulate their industry, LFF provided the perspective that deregulation of gambling is essentially expansion. An Advocate editorial on the Harrah's casino bill stated that, "the conservative Louisiana Family Forum, seems to be the 'only voice of caution and reason' in the debate."

In Other Developmentsā€¦

  • SB 98 by Sen. Morrell - Redefining marriage in Louisiana law. Failed in the Senate Judiciary A Committee.
  • green-check.png
  • SB 402 by Sen. Riser - Allows for volunteer security guard with a concealed carry permit to carry weapons in church. Passed the Senate Judiciary B committee.
  • green-check.png
  • SB 250 by Sen. Mizell - Provides that parents of public school students be provided with information on the public health risks of pornography. PASSED THE SENATE with a 35-0 vote.

Its Friday, but Sunday's Coming!

We will be back next week to defend life, liberty and limited government in Louisiana. Make sure you join the 60-second Brigade and sign up for our newsletters to stay informed.

Because He Lives,
GeneMillssig.jpgGene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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