January 7, 2022

Dear Friends,

As unconscionable vaccine mandates continue to be enforced throughout the nation, I am hopeful that US courts will rule in favor of simple justice. The unconditional COVID shot mandates are grave infringements upon individual liberty and conscience rights. Receiving a vaccine is a very personal health decision that every individual has the liberty to make, free from coercion. 

The U.S. Supreme Court will be hearing arguments regarding President Biden’s vaccine mandate today. You can listen to the oral arguments here starting at 9am CT.

LFF, along with 30 other policy organizations, are directly involved with the arguments being heard today. Louisiana Family Forum signed an amicus brief to oppose the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) vaccine-or-testing rule for businesses that employ 100 or more people. The brief states that unelected administrative agencies tend to disregard the people’s rights by treating religious liberty as “an afterthought, an inconvenience that stands in the way of their desired policy.” 

Religious liberty is a bedrock of our nation and essential for its survival. OSHA is bypassing the traditional lawmaking process and our religious freedom rights are being ignored.

Please pray the Supreme Court is guided by God while forming their decision. We cannot tolerate tyrannical rule that abuses our rights any longer. 


According to a leaked policy proposal, President Biden is planning to transfer male criminals who “identify” as females to women’s prisons. This means that violent men would be living among women. 

This rule means that is very likely that biological male sexual predators could be living among women, putting them in harm’s way. California currently houses men who identify as women with female prisoners. As a result, several reports of rape and abuse have emerged. 

Progressive gender ideology is incredibly illogical and dangerous. To house violent biological men with women is just the next step-too-far deriving from woke ideology.


Verified facts about COVID-19 show that politicians and public health officials have grossly mishandled the response. Many of our leaders are blaming new variants for the lingering effects for negligent action. 

From a recent Just the Facts publication:

“Beyond documenting 20 studies that show naturally acquired immunity to Covid-19 is potent and lasting, this article also explains why vaccines have failed to deliver such protection. These explosive facts come directly from peer-reviewed scientific journals, but mass media has been virtually silent on them.

Ph.D. biostatician Dr. Rodney X. Sturdivant, the Director of the Statistical Consulting Center at Baylor University, critically assessed this research and stated, ‘People will learn more about Covid immunity and vaccines from this article than if they watched and read everything published by most major media outlets since the outset of the pandemic.’”

Continue to do your own research and verification of data!


Friends, while our leaders continue to make decisions based on harmful ideologies and political agendas, we must stand firm in God’s truth! As Christians, we have a duty to engage the battles God sends our way. 

God promises to sustain and uplift us through the fight. 

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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