January 21, 2022

Dear Friends,

The National March for Life is TODAY. Tens of thousands from around the country will gather in Washington D.C. to be a voice for the voiceless. 

Please pray that God uses this event to transform hearts and minds in America. 

This is an incredibly exciting time for the pro-life movement. Even the Washington Post has admitted that this year’s march is likely to be the last under Roe. There are also several LA Life Marches happening throughout Louisiana this weekend. We hope you and your family are able to attend one of them!

In more life-related news, Susan B. Anthony List released its National Pro-Life Scorecard, and the results bode well for Louisiana! Senators Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy, along with House Reps. Clay Higgins, Garrett Graves, Julia Letlow, Mike Johnson, and Steve Scalise all received A+ ratings for their pro-life stances. 

With Louisiana leading the way, the pro-life movement is full speed ahead. We now await Life #AfterRoe as the Supreme Court deliberates in the Dobbs case. LFF stands ready to begin a new phase of the Respect Life movement and take greater action to protect LIFE after Roe


This week, Louisiana’s Voting System Commission met to get up-to-speed on the new certification standards for electronic voting machines. Raising these standards is part of the process to upgrade Louisiana's outdated machines.

One group of Louisiana citizens is encouraging the commission (a 13-member panel of legislators, citizens, and state officials) to switch to using paper ballots only.

While some are ridiculing this group's suggestion, others agree that going "back to the basics" would be a good thing for Louisiana!


As we know, fairness in women’s sports has become a prevalent issue in our country. Thankfully, when asked about the biological male participating on the UPenn women’s swim team, Olympic champion Michael Phelps provided a dose of common sense. 

“I think this leads back to the organizing committees again,” said Phelps. “Because it has to be a level playing field. That’s something that we all need. Because that’s what sports are.”

Phelps isn’t the only sports expert raising a red flag in response to the rising trend of biological men competing with women. A group of medical experts and sports health professionals denounced the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) new rules regarding trans athletes, claiming that they are not "scientific or medically based.” 

Previous Olympics guidelines allowed trans athletes to compete with women if their testosterone production was suppressed below a certain amount. New guidelines stipulate sporting federations should not presume that a biological man has a competitive advantage over a biological woman. The 38 professionals argued that the regulations ignore "the science on sex, gender and performance and focuses mostly on inclusion." 

Luckily, we will have another opportunity to pass Fairness in Women’s Sports legislation this year. Despite Gov. Edwards' veto last year, the original vote had a bipartisan majority and it will be back to PASS in the 2022 legislative session. 


A recent survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute reveals that many Democratic voters support waging a war against the unvaccinated, or even those who simply question the shot’s efficacy. 

According to the survey, 48% of Democratic voters indicated that the government should have the ability to fine or even arrest anyone who publicly questions the effectiveness of the COVID-19 shot. Fifty-nine percent of Democrats also supported a law requiring all unvaccinated people to stay at home at all times unless an emergency occurs. 

These are attacks on the very fabric of our nation and human dignity itself. Pray that God changes these hearts and the liberty is restored in the United States.


Friends, we must stand firm and fight these battles that God has called us to. Every time we stand up for the unborn or champion individual rights, we are doing His work. 

Remember that He is in control and He will never fail us.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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