March 3rd, 2023


Recall leaders in the effort against New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell won a significant victory in their campaign to advance their effort to its next destination: a ballot measure. As a result of the deal with Secretary of State Kyle Ardion, the voter threshold was lowered by 25,000, bringing the number from 249,876 to 224,876. This lessens the signatures required to trigger a recall election. The exact number of signatures needed is still unclear.

The lower threshold is the next step in the process of reviewing evidence presented by the recall organizers. Although the organizers have not yet disclosed how many signatures they have, a spokesman stated that no voter in Orleans Parish would be removed from the voter rolls, and those on the “inactive list” may still vote in any election in accordance with Louisiana law.

Stay tuned!


Louisiana congresswoman Julia Letlow has introduced a "Parents Bill of Rights" in Congress, which aims to ensure that parents are given a voice and active participation in their children's education. The bill intends to make it simpler for parents to connect with educators, administrators, and school board members and be involved in the decision-making process concerning their child's curriculum and budget.

Letlow said about the Bill of Rights, “It talks about a partnership between parents and schools and how we need parents to actively have a seat at the table when it comes to their child’s education...When parents are involved, it sets up students to succeed."

We commend the initiative taken by Congresswoman Letlow in acknowledging the crucial role parents play in their child's education. Children ultimately belong to their parents, and it is vital to establish legal provisions that unequivocally acknowledge and protect these inherent rights.

Photos Courtesy of CBN


In a lengthy monologue, Fox News host Tucker Carlson addressed what he views as a concerning trend of a "toxic lack of masculinity" in America's political, judicial, and religious leaders.

“Where all the professional Christians? You have to wonder that again,” Carlson said. “Where’s David French and Beth Moore and Tim Keller and all these people who were defending Christianity when actual Christians are being arrested for being Christians? Not a word.”

Click here to watch!


Finally, in the good news department: Walgreens has refused to kowtow to the Biden administration order to make abortion drugs available via mail in states where abortion has been outlawed! Walgreens confirmed that it is currently not dispensing Mifepristone and has informed the attorneys general of 20 states, including Louisiana, that it has no intention of distributing the medication in their respective states.

I for one will be moving future prescription medications from CVS to Walgreens!


Friendsremember that LFF's Leadership Academy & Spiritual Heritage tour is scheduled this June 18 -24. This Academy is designed for high school juniors to college sophomores to explore America's Spiritual Heritage and our significance in God's plan.

Participants will engage with decision makers, develope public speaking skills, and immersion in a biblically-based tutorial on a constitutional republic. The Leadership Academy aims to address the question, "What is God's purpose for my life?"

Sponsor or nominate a young leader here!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
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