March 25, 2022

Dear Friends,

This week at the Capitol:

HB 232 by Rep. Edmonston - Prohibits Department of Public Safety from requiring vaccination status on state driver's license. PASSED HOUSE TRANSPORTATION 

✅  HB 274 by Rep. Edmonds – Requires adoption awareness in high school instruction. PASSED HOUSE EDUCATION

HB 376 by Rep. Huval - Prohibits the use of cell phone while operating a motor vehicle (talking, texting, and posting) PASSED HOUSE TRANSPORTATION

✅  SB 22 by Sen. Boudreaux - Extends Palliative Care Advisory Council to promote sanctity of life at the end of life PASSED SENATE HEALTH AND WELFARE

✅  SB 211 by Sen. Stine - Allows Choose Life license plate funds to be used for adoption or for moms considering parenting their child PASSED SENATE TRANSPORTATION 

✅  Additionally: HB 90 by Rep. Denise Marcelle creates an Office of Women’s Health. The bill passed out of committee with amendments to ensure that this office will not promote abortion. Louisiana Right to Life and Louisiana Family Forum supported this amendment.  

? HB 450 by Rep. C. Owen allows adopted individuals 24 years or older to request an original birth certificate. Rep. Owen asserts that adoptees are entitled to info about the circumstances of their birth. LFF and Louisiana Right to Life shared concerns about women who surrender their children under the presumption that their information would be sealed and remain confidential. Rep. Owen is sympathetic to those concerns and we are working on a solution to accommodate all parties. Last night Rep. Owen presented his bill to members of the House, returned it to the calendar and asked members to pray about how they should vote on the bill, indicating an openness to an amendment. 

Up Next week: 1)  Fairness in Women’s Sports by Sen. Beth Mizell; 2) Protecting Children from Pornography on the Internet by Rep. Laurie Schlegel; and 3) Numerous Pro-Life bills such as the Heartbeat Act HB 800 by Rep. Bagley; HB 640 by Rep. Wright that warns of abortion derived cells in vaccines; and SB 388 by Sen. Hewitt prohibiting “mail order” abortion.

Be sure to check out our Bills to Watch list for this session.


During SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing thisweek, Senator John Kennedy asked her to define when life begins. 

Her answer: “I don’t know.”

Something as simple as the beginning of life for a nominee to the highest court in the land, which is dealing with this very issue, and she could not provide a definitive answer.

If one cannot confirm when life begins, how can one protect life?

Nick Arama (Red State) said it best: “I think, going into the Senate confirmation hearings this week, Ketanji Brown Jackson had a shot at getting some Republican votes. But given her responses–in particular, her testimony in regard to child porn offenders, her contradictory statements in regard to Critical Race Theory, and perhaps especially her inability to be able to define things like “what is a woman“–she certainly has made it more difficult on herself."

Please pray throughout this nomination process that Senators Cassidy and Kennedy (and others) would vote in a manner that upholds the Biblical precepts of this nation.


Parenting is not an easy job. While children bring an extraordinary amount of joy to our lives, there is a constant battle to win their heart and soul to Christ.

There are pressures to say, do, and teach the right things and we often fail. Be reminded of this one thing: God is the one who changes hearts. Our job is to introduce them to Jesus and show them who He is. Through Scripture, the Lord reveals Himself to us and to our children when we proclaim that Word to them. 

We invite Christ when we simply read the Bible with them. Our daily words and actions talk about Him, but “God is ultimately responsible for building that relationship. And in that truth, there is rest amid all of a parent’s labor.” Picking up the Bible with your children and grandchildren is one of the best things you can do - period!


Friends, this legislative session is an opportunity to join LFF in building a Louisiana where God is honored, life is respected, families flourish and liberty reigns! I need you to join me in diligently praying for Team LFF and our allies, Louisiana lawmakers and the important principles that we advocate for. Much is at stake, so we hope you will join us by advocating for legislation the positively impacts our communities. You can check out our Bills to Watch list by clicking here. Sign up for our 60 Second Brigade here!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum


P.S. Almost as if predicted last week at LFF’s Pastors Briefing, Dr. Voddie Baucham has been nominated to serve as president of the Southern Baptist Convention. If accepted, he will be a formidable candidate, and if elected, a breath of fresh air for the Kingdom of God!       

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