April 28, 2023



Week 3 at the Capitol is completed and was interesting, intense, and impactful as LFF advanced on a number of fronts.

The most-tense debate was the 5-hour hearing in House Education on Wednesday where bills protecting children from sexual politics in school were considered. 52 LGBT protestors testified for 3 minutes each, with at least that many more in the audience. Some became frustrated by their inability to persuade committee members, and got a little rowdy, requiring Capitol security to remove a few. LFF understands that we have an obligation to speak truth to power (the decision makers on the committee), but we also have a corresponding responsibility to do so with love and compassion for the hurting and members of the audience. That committee room was filled with broken and undone souls. One close friend balanced those apparent conflicting principles wisely. While present and prayerful throughout the long hearing, and having dropped a green card in support of the LFF backed bill, this friend, after observing the self-described “Big Gay Baby” testify and return to his seat visibly shaken (next to her), she reached out, touched his arm and assured him with… “You Did Good!”  

Telling decision makers the truth, while maintaining respectful connections to the unreached is, in fact, the very essence of who we are “in Christ!”

Capitol Update:

✅ HB 5 Rep.Frieman - Payment of pregnancy related expenses from the father. PASSED HOUSE

✅ HB 8  Rep.Horton - Requires display of the national motto, "In God We Trust", in every public classroom as funds are available. PASSED HOUSE EDUCATION

✅ HB 9  Rep.Butler - Provides for a program to provide state funding for the education of students with exceptionalities not enrolled in public school PASSED HOUSE EDUCATION

✅ HB 24  Rep. Newell - Provides for the decriminalization of marijuana possession and distribution FAILED IN HOUSE CRIMINAL JUSTICE

✅ HB 61 Rep. Schlegel – Children must have parental permission to create an online account with a website. PASSED THE HOUSE 90-0

✅ HB 68  Rep. Hodges – Authorizes a voluntary, religiously neutral elective high school course in the history and literature of the Bible. PASSED HOUSE EDUCATION

✅ HB 81 Rep. Crews – Requires School employees to use given names & pronouns for students unless parents provide written permission otherwise. PASSED HOUSE EDUCATION

✅ HB 86 Rep. Hodges – “Protect Teachers Act” – provides immunity from civil liability for school personnel who act in the directing of or disciplining of school children under their care and supervision. PASSED THE HOUSE 90-0

✅ HB 98  Rep. Lance Harris - Universal School Choice. PASSED HOUSE EDUCATION

✅ HB 228 Rep. Green - Eliminates the death penalty. VOLUNTARILY DEFERRED

✅ HB 291 Rep. Chuck Owen - "No Patient Left Alone Law" - provides for in person visits at healthcare facilities even in Co-Vid like emergencies. PASSED THE HOUSE

✅ HB 462  Rep. Edmonds-Fiscal transparency & accountability for schools. PASSED HOUSE ED.

✅ HB 466  Rep. Horton - Prohibits public school personnel from engaging in instruction or discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity students and no use of grammatically incorrect pronouns without parent’s consent. PASSED HOUSE EDUCATION

✅ SB 7 Sen. Cloud - Requires public libraries to adopt and implement a policy to limit the access of minors to sexually explicit material. PASSED SENATE EDUCATION WITHOUT OBJECTION

✅ SB 41 Sen. Mizell – Tax credit on Louisiana personal income tax for donations to crisis pregnancy centers PASSED SENATE REVENUE AND FISCAL AFFAIRS 

✅ SB 147 Sen. Robert Mills - Authorizes the creation of a self-insurance fund for the purpose of providing property insurance coverage for churches and nonprofits. PASSED SENATE Insurance

✅ SB 175 Sen. Stine - Creates the crime of "unlawful deep fakes involving minors", which is the creation, distribution or possession of any sexually explicit material depicting a minor using deep fake technology. PASSED SENATE JUDICIARY

To the Pastors and LFF Allies: “You Did Good” this week affirming biblical principles before decision makers while respecting 'image bearer' who is still a candidate for salvation! Follow LFF Bills to Watch here. 


Planned Parenthood just released its latest annual report, giving pro-lifers mixed news. 

The Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision has already impacted Planned Parenthood, as they committed 9,305 fewer abortions than 2021. This is a 2.4% decrease from the 383,460 abortions the year before and the second-highest number of abortions in its history. More than 2,000 babies were aborted every day.

More disturbing, the report shows that during its 2022 fiscal year, Planned Parenthood received $670.4 million in taxpayer funding, which amounts to a $37 million increase over the previous year. This means that every American, regardless of their convictions, contributed to the nation’s largest agent of death. 

No taxpayer should be forced to enable something as morally reprehensible as the murder of preborn babies, and no child should be unsafe in their mother’s womb.


For the first time ever, Pope Francis will allow women to vote at a bishop's meeting. In what advocates have called "a significant crack in the stained glass ceiling," five religious sisters will be chosen to participate in the October event. Additionally, 70 hand-picked non-clerical participants (including women and young people) will be allowed to vote.


Friendsinnocent children need protection from this morally bankrupt culture. As Christians, it is our job to advocate for the voiceless and vulnerable while ministering to lost. Thankfully, we have multiple opportunities to do both this session. 

Please keep the Legislature in your prayer and ask God to guide outcomes consistent with His will.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Please join me in celebrating the National Day of Prayer!

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