April 8, 2022

Dear Friends,

This week at the Capitol we hosted an Acadiana Pastors Day where we were privileged to guide 45 pastors, their wives, and other ministry leaders through a tour of Louisiana’s Capitol. Our day began on the 23rd floor in the Attorney General's office with a short tutorial, then our delegation dispersed into committee rooms throughout the Capitol to meet lawmakers, observe proceedings and let their voices be heard. One missionary expressed interest in learning what the state is doing to abridge human trafficking. Coincidentally, Sen. Beth Mizell was presenting her bill to assist trafficking victims who were burdened by crimes committed while trafficked. One young lady gave an eye-opening testimony explaining what it is like to be trafficked and the difficulties faced with a criminal record for 'crimes' committed while under the control of traffickers. The bill sailed out of committee, and later off the Senate floor 37-0, with 31 co-authors. The ladies from our briefing were able to pray with Sen. Mizell to show appreciation for her efforts.

The Acadiana pastors were also able to pray with numerous legislators, including their Senator, President Page Cortez, then opened both chambers in prayer. 

Friends, please let me know if you would like to host your own day at the Capitol with LFF and bring pastors and Christian leaders from your region of the state.

Yesterday, Fairness in Women’s Sports Act passed out of committee and now heads to the full Senate for a vote! 

The Legislature has moved these measures we are following:

✅ HB 33  by Reps; Devillier, HB 194 Butler, HB 452 Freiberg, and HB 824 Schlegel-Creates Education Savings Account where state dollars follow the child to the school of choice. Passed House Education Committee

✅HB 35 by Rep. Farnum – Requires annual canvas of registered voters to ID voters who have moved and need to update their addressesPassed House & Gov Committee

✅HB 54 by Rep. Bagley – No employee or other representative of a public, nonprofit, or private entity shall inquire about the COVID-19 vaccination status. Passed House Justice Committee

✅HB 234 by Rep. Schlegel –Prohibits smoking/vaping marijuana in any form in a motor vehicle by operator or passenger on a public highwayPassed the House 66-31

✅HB 274 by Rep. Edmonds – Expands information required in adoption awareness education for high school studentsPassed the House 58-23

✅SB 44 by Sen. Mizell – Fairness in Women’s Sports Act Passed Senate Education Committee without objection!

✅SB 211 by Sen. Stine – Allows proceeds from the sale of Choose Life specialty license plates to be used to help expectant mothers considering parenting their child. Passed the Senate

✅SB 141 by Sen. Morris – Insurance companies cannot require vaccinations for coverage. Passed Senate Insurance Committee

✅SB 148 by Sen. Mizell – Victims of trafficking can apply for expungement of convictions on certain sex trafficking related crimes. Passed the Senate 37-0

In other news, Louisiana Family Forum has been called out by SIECUS, a pro-abortion sex education organization, for our opposition inappropriate “sex education” efforts in Louisiana. SIECUS has called the elimination of abortion “regressive.” This opposition is validation that LFF is on message and on target.


In a classic example of gaslighting, some on the left are panicking about being labeled “groomer" for their role in desiring to "educate" children on inappropriate adult sexual material. Their over-the-top opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law is earning exposure, and the public is concluding that they are obsessed with indoctrinating children.

From RedState:

"Remember, it is the left that has spent the last several months telling blatant lies about the bill, which never even mentions the word “gay” in it. It is the left who has accused Ron DeSantis of killing small children because a teacher can’t teach them about being pansexual. It is the left that has used cultural power to promote the sexualization of kids.

But saying those who propagate that kind of behavior are supporting “grooming” is a bridge too far? Apparently so, and the memo went out over the past week."

This frightening description, "groomer,” does not fit all proponents of these measures, but it does describe some of their original leadership and more vocal advocates!


Many of the Biden administration’s agencies frequently use the word “woman,” but refuse to define it. The Department of Education, Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), and the Federal Bureau of Prisons were asked to provide a definition, but none were able to.

Even the National Institute of Health (NIH) could not explain whether the word “women” related to sex or gender, while the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declined to comment.

U.S. President of Women’s Declaration International, Kara Dansky, said in a press call that “President Biden began to obliterate sex as a distinct category immediately upon taking office when he signed Executive Order 13988 on preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of so-called gender identity and sexual orientation.”

This comes as the newly confirmed SCOTUS justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was unable to define what a woman is during her confirmation hearing. Ironically, Jackson is heralded as the first black woman appointed to the US Supreme Court!


Friends, the things we value will fall into a state of disrepair by unwise legislative decisions which attempt to accommodate the left’s radical agenda. It is imperative that we hold lawmakers close in prayer and accountable by communication for our distinctive Louisiana values. Check out LFF’s Bills to Watch and make your voice heard.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. LFF is honored to join Right On Crime, Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Church, State Representative Rick Edmonds, and others in the community to lead a Day of Prayer Service to commemorate National Crime Victims’ Rights Week in Baton Rouge on April 27th. Learn more here.

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