May 5, 2023


Yesterday, I had the privilege to join my good friend Tony Perkins with couple hundred friends for a dedication of FRC’s new state-of-the-art broadcast facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, followed by FRC’s National Day of Prayer. What a power-packed evening and heartfelt prayer. My comments and prayer for “family” begin at the 25 minute mark of this video. I recommend you view the whole power-packed hour!  

This Week at the Capitol

Week 4 of the 2023 Legislative Session was power-packed and filled with God’s favor on efforts to protect children from explicit adult material in public libraries and from those who profit from gender dysphoric youth. In the debate on HB 463, Rep. Gabe Firment brought an impressive lineup of medical and legal experts to testify on the danger of hormonal and surgical procedures on minors. Witnesses included parents who saw their children encouraged by “professionals” to “transition." Several young victims of surgical & hormonal experimentation testified of the grief, remorse and irreparable damage that they now carry. After hours, the House Health and Welfare Committee sent the bill on to the full House.  

Also, Senator Heather Cloud was successful in passing her SB 7 which outlines measures public libraries must make to protect children from sexually explicit material. That bill passed Senate Education last week but in an unusual move, the chairman recommitted the bill for a second round of debate and a second vote. In the end the outcome was the same – the bill passed successfully out of committee.

Follow the current status of the bills LFF is watching on our website.

HB 17 Rep. Newell - Legalizes growth and sale of recreational marijuana. FAILED HOUSE JUDICIARY 

HB  40 Rep. Boyd - Special rights based on sexual orientation & gender identity. FAILED HOUSE LABOR 

HB  68 Rep. Hodges - Public schools may offer religiously-neutral course in history & literature of Bible. PASSED HOUSE 

HB 159 Rep. Farnum - State review of voter rolls to ensure election integrity. PASSED HOUSE & GOVT

HB 182 Rep. Edmonston - No COVID shot requirement for school attendance. PASSED HOUSE ED

HB 260 Rep. Beaullieu - Prohibits federal directives & guidance for state elections. PASSED HOUSE GOVT 

HB 311 Rep. Miguez - Prohibits private & foreign government funds for state elections. PASSED HOUSE GOVT 

HB 399 Rep. Edmonston - Requires that immunization alerts include exemption info. PASSED HOUSE ED

HB 457 Rep. Crews - Certificate of non-viable birth for babies deceased in utero. PASSED HOUSE H&W

HB 463 Rep. Firment - prohibits procedures to “alter” gender of minors. PASSED HOUSE HEALTH & W

HB 638  Rep. McFarland - Tax benefits for adoption & donations to foster care. PASSED HOUSE WAYS

SB 7 Sen. Cloud - Requires libraries limit access of minors to sex-explicit material. PASSED SENATE ED

SB  63 Sen. Mizell - Constitutional amendment affirming freedom to worship is a fundamental right deserving the utmost protection from governmental interference. PASSED THE SENATE 



From the Baton Rouge Business Report:

During an election year in Louisiana, lawmakers want to be seen as on God’s side in a state where Christianity is the dominant faith. 

Many bills lean into the authors’ vision of faith without being overly specific, especially the barrage of anti-LGBTQ legislation, but at least three measures being considered during this spring’s legislative session go directly on high, USA Today Network reports. 

Those include a bill by Rep. Dodie Horton, R-Haughton, which would require that an “In God We Trust” sign be displayed in every public school classroom, and another by Rep. Valerie Hodges, R-Denham Springs, that would authorize public schools to offer a course of instruction in the history and literature of the Bible. 

Another by Sen. Beth Mizell, R-Franklinton, would provide “that the right of freedom of worship in churches or other places of worship is a fundamental right that is worthy of the highest order of protection.” This would prevent limits on in-person worship like those ordered by Gov. John Bel Edwards during the pandemic. The measure cleared the Senate this week on a 39-0 vote. 

“There’s no stronger endorsement in Louisiana than one from Jesus Christ,” says Jeremy Alford, publisher of LaPolitics Weekly. “What better message can you take home to voters during an election year?” 

However, all of the bills are careful not to technically merge Christian religion and state.  Read the full story about the legislative trend from USA Today Network. 


Friendswhile modern culture is a dangerous place for children, and media often embellish motives of those they write about, still, we are encouraged and have reason to celebrate the powerful move of God in our midst. He is in control and He will grant us whatever we ask for “if we ask according to His will.” 

Please keep LFF in your prayers as we bring light to dark places and advance Christian principles in the public square!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Remember that LFF's Leadership Academy & Spiritual Heritage tour is scheduled this June 18th-24th. This Academy is designed for high school juniors to college sophomores to explore America's spiritual heritage and our significance in God's plan. 

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