May 12, 2023


This Week at the Capitol

Week 5 of the 2023 legislative session has been intense, engaged and impactful with significant victories on pro-life and pro-family legislation. Rep. Dodie Horton and Rep. Raymond Crews advanced measures to stop school personnel from introducing sexual topics to children - and no more confusing kids with woke pronouns - yet the media and our governor are taking issue with this common sense legislation.

Five pro-abortion bills were heard in a standing room only House Criminal Justice committee. 

  • Two of these - allowing rape and incest exceptions for abortion - were soundly defeated.  
  • Another two were tabled, likely for the session. 
  • The remaining bill was sent to the House floor in hopes of a favorable reassignment, then forcefully bounced back to its original committee by diligent Reps. Larry Bagley and Blake Miguez! LFF remains vigilant to ensure that these bills are dead for the session. Governor John Bel Edwards expressed disappointment.

Sen. Beth Mizell successfully moved closer to closing the loophole which allows individuals under 21 years old in bars (minimum age 21 to purchase). Mizell successfully encouraged colleagues to create a civil liability for bar operators who serve to underage drinkers when harm ensues.

Finally, kudos to Rep. Rick Edmonds, Chair of the House Municipal Committee, who oversaw a contentious debate on unaccountable library control boards. When criticized by fellow committee members, Edmonds maintained a calm, strong and respectful demeanor. 

The bill failed but received a fair hearing under Edmonds leadership.  


HB 8 by Rep. Horton - Requires display of the national motto "In God We Trust" in every public K-12 classroom as funds are available. PASSED THE HOUSE 98-4

HB 9 by Rep. Butler - Provides state funding for the education of students with exceptionalities not enrolled in public school. PASSED HOUSE APPROPRIATIONS

❌ HB 25 by Rep. Hollis - Library control boards more accountable to the parish or municipal governments who appoint them. INVOLUNTARILY DEFERRED IN HOUSE MUNICIPAL

HB 81 by Rep. Crews - Requires public school employees to use proper names and pronouns unless parents provide written permission otherwise. PASSED THE HOUSE 61-33

HB  98 by Rep. Harris - Universal School Choice. PASSED HOUSE APPROPRIATIONS

HB 152 by Rep. Amedee - Constitutionalizes the fundamental right of parents to decide the nurture, education, care, custody, and control of their children. PASSED HOUSE CIVIL LAW 

HB 182 by Rep. Edmonston - Prohibits requiring a COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of enrollment or attendance at public or nonpublic school. PASSED THE HOUSE

HB 291 by Rep. Charles Owen - "No Patient Left Alone Law" - provides for in-person visits at healthcare facilities even during public emergencies. PASSED SENATE HEALTH AND WELFARE

HB 311 by Rep. Miguez - Prohibits the use of funds and resources from a foreign government or nongovernmental source in Louisiana elections. PASSED HOUSE CIVIL LAW

HB 346 by Rep. Boyd - Adds rape and incest to the list of acts performed by a physician that shall not be considered an abortion. FAILED HOUSE CRIMINAL JUSTICE 5-10

HB 399 by Rep. Edmonston -  Requires that immunization requirements include exemption information and applies to incoming students and those attending school. PASSED THE HOUSE

HB 415 / HCR 71 by Rep. Amedee - No central bank digital currency. PASSED COMMERCE

HB 461 by Rep. DuBuisson - Abortion expansion. VOLUNTARILY DEFERRED IN Criminal Justice

HB 462 by Rep. Edmonds - Fiscal accountability for school boards. PASSED APPROPRIATIONS

HB 466 by Rep. Horton - Prohibits public schools K-12 from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity with students and prohibits incorrect pronouns. PASSED THE HOUSE 67-28

HB 522 by Rep. Freeman - Decriminalizes abortion. DEFERRED IN HOUSE CRIMINAL JUSTICE

HB 549 by Rep. Glover - Adds rape and incest to the list of acts performed by a physician that shall not be considered an abortion. FAILED HOUSE CRIMINAL JUSTICE 5-9

HB 572 by Rep. Goudeau - Regulation of kratom. PASSED HOUSE HEALTH AND WELFARE

HB 598 by Rep. Newell - Abortion expansion. NO ACTION IN HOUSE CRIMINAL JUSTICE 

HB 638 by Rep. McFarland - Tax benefits for adoption of children from foster care and donations to foster care charitable organizations. PASSED THE HOUSE

SB 41 by Sen. Mizell - Authorizes a credit against Louisiana income tax for qualified donations made to an eligible crisis pregnancy center. PASSED SENATE FINANCE

SB 194  by Sen. Mizell - Creates a civil cause of action for 18-20 year olds (or survivors) who sustain any injury or damages caused by underage intoxication. PASSED SENATE JUD B 

Follow the current status of the bills LFF is watching on our website


A bill that would ban TikTok from all state-owned devices and state-administered networks was unanimously passed by the House Appropriations Committee this week. 

Rep. Daryl Deshotel introduced the bill as a security measure, referencing FBI Director Christopher Wray’s warning that the Communist Party of China could be using the app to collect and control data from U.S. citizens and influence political narratives. 

“The risk of exposure to our constituents’ private data is too much and too high of a price to pay for the sake of a funny video,” Deshotel said.

Gov. John Bel Edwards is likely to sign HB 361 if it passes through the House and Senate, as he previously approved an order banning TikTok from all state-owned devices and networks under his control. If signed into law, Louisiana colleges would be required to ban the app from university WiFi. This is a step in the right direction for our national security!


Friendsthank you for your prayers and support of LFF as we combat the forces of darkness attempting to influence culture and innocent lives. 

When it comes to fighting the culture war, prayer is our greatest weapon. God tells us that “whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them” (Mark 11:24). Please continue to pray for a Christian restoration in Louisiana!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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