May 13, 2022

Dear Friends,

As we await the US Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs case (expected to overrule Roe v. Wade), national and Louisiana media have been focused on HB 813. While an earnest effort to prohibit abortion, this bill was unhelpful and unworkable. You can view LFF's statement on the bill here. There indeed was drama on the House floor last night, including Capitol-wide evacuation due to a suspicious package! 

After reassembling, Representative Alan Seabaugh moved to amend HB 813 with provisions mirroring SB 342 by Senator Katrina Jackson. These provisions will actually end abortion in Louisiana when the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade and include substantial fines and prison sentences for those performing abortion. Once amended, the author moved to table the bill, ending debate.

Please continue to pray for Team LFF. We will remain watchmen on the wall until the final gavel sounds at the end of the session.

This week at Capitol:

✅HB 178 by Rep. Villio – Only U.S. Citizens can vote.  PASSED HOUSE CIVIL LAW

✅HB 303 by Rep. Freeman – Introduces sexual politics into housing laws.  FAILED ON THE HOUSE FLOOR

HB 356 by Rep. Amedee – Transparency for parents to view public school instructional materials.  FAILED HOUSE FINAL PASSAGE

✅HB 427 , HB 531 Rep. Amedee – Prohibits the administration of vaccines to minors on school property.  PASSED HOUSE EDUCATION

✅HB 428 by Rep. Amedee – Prohibits vaccine for school attendance.  PASSED HOUSE EDUCATION

✅HB 439 by Rep. Boyd – Introduces sexual politics into employment laws.  FAILED IN HOUSE LABOR

✅HB 811 by Rep. Miguez – Prohibits private funds for election-related expenses.  PASSED HOUSE AND GOVERNMENT

HB 813 by Rep. McCormick – Attempt to stop abortions in Louisiana in violation the Louisiana and U.S. Constitutions.  AMENDED/TABLED

✅HB 924 , HB 1074 by Rep. Edmonds – Election integrity measures.  PASSED THE HOUSE

✅HB 984 by Rep. Amedee – Requires public to comment at School board meetings.  PASSED HOUSE AND GOVERNMENT

✅HCR 64 by Rep. Freeman – Attack on pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.  FAILED ON THE HOUSE FLOOR

✅SB 50 by Sen. Hewitt – Allows a student to transfer when "program of choice" is not offered at school.  PASSED HOUSE EDUCATION.

✅SB 104 by Sen. Mizell – Protects the right of patients to have cell phones in abortion facilities.  PASSED HOUSE HEALTH AND WELFARE


New reports show that the administration officials who vigorously pushed mandatory masking and vaccinations received “secret” payments from drug companies and other parties for over a decade. Credited as “co-inventors” of various pharmaceutical products and treatments between 2010-2020, Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins of the National Institute of Health (NIH) failed to disclose those payments, which is a serious conflict of interest.

The NIH is refusing to cooperate with investigations into the royalty payments, but has agreed to release around 300 pages of records per month. They will withhold documents pertaining to Fauci until November – to conveniently align with midterm elections.

Independent, non-political and trustworthy ought to be the US government standard!


Friends, perhaps we have all been called to be that voice for the voiceless and fight the ‘good fight’ with the weapons of our warfare, which are not carnal, but mighty through God to pull down strongholds!

Please pray for the US Supreme Court, our nation and His Church...that we may be found faithful!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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