May 20, 2022

Dear Friends,

With only 2 weeks left in the Louisiana Legislative Session, the committee meetings are winding down and most bills are being debated on the House and Senate floors. A few key issues Team LFF will be watching:

  • SB 44 by Sen. Beth Mizell, Fairness in Women’s Sports – has passed both houses but has one more legislative hurdle – the Senate must concur on House amendments then it is off to the governor’s desk. 
  • HB 450 by Rep. Chuck Owen, Opening Adoption Records even when the birth mom believed the adoption was confidential – this bill will be heard in the Senate Judiciary A committee next Tuesday.
  • SB 342 by Sen. Katrina Jackson, Preparing for a Post-Roe Louisiana – will be heard in the House next week but we will work to prevent the addition of exceptions for rape and incest.
  • HB 837 by Rep. Dodie Horton prohibits public school personnel from speaking to children about homosexuality and transgenderism – failed in the House Education but was revived to bring the bill directly to the House floor for a committee of the whole (which essentially makes all 105 House representatives members of the committee).
  • LFF supports streamlining the occupational licensing process – we will be following those bills throughout the entire session.

It has been our privilege to host several groups of pastors at the Capitol over the last few weeks. This is so encouraging for our friends who serve the good people of Louisiana.  Pastors and ministry leaders have attended legislative hearings and walked the halls of our Capitol to encourage and pray with elected officials. Next week is crucial for Louisiana's future. It would be our delight to host you to meet with your legislator face to face. Together we can make a difference!

✅HB 142 by Rep. Schlegel – Requires commercial porn marketers to age verify viewers.  PASSED SENATE JUDICIARY A

HB 232  by Rep. Edmonston – Prohibits vaccination or immunity status on Louisiana driver's license/ID.  FAILED IN SENATE TRANSPORTATION

✅HB 234 by Rep. Schlegel – Prohibits smoking/vaping marijuana in a vehicle by operator or passenger.  PASSED SENATE TRANSPORTATION

✅HB 369 by Rep. L. Harris – Requires public schools to post laws pertaining to Parents' Bill of Rights.  PASSED THE HOUSE

✅HB 427 by Rep. Amedee – Requires vaccines administered at school by medical professional with parental consent.  PASSED THE HOUSE

✅HB 526 by Rep. Edmonds  – Requires each public school authority to post fiscal information.  PASSED THE HOUSE

✅HB 811 by Rep. Miguez – Prohibits the use of private funds to pay election-related expenses.  PASSED THE HOUSE

✅HB 953 by Rep. Seabaugh – Requires government protections to places of worship without discrimination.  PASSED SENATE JUDICIARY

✅HCR 1 by Rep. Ivey – No "shots for tots" in order to attend school or day care.  PASSED THE HOUSE

✅HCR 93 by Rep. Emerson – Commends and honors the pregnancy care centers of Louisiana.  PASSED THE HOUSE

✅SB 44  by Sen. Mizell – Prohibits bio-males competing in female, girls, or women sports.  PASSED THE HOUSE

✅SB 144  by Sen. R. Mills – Hand delivery of absentee ballots made at official voting locations (no drop boxes).  PASSED HOUSE& GOVERNMENT

✅SB 148  by Sen. Mizell – Victims of trafficking can receive exoneration of conviction on crimes committed while trafficked.  PASSED THE HOUSE

✅SB 342  by Sen. Jackson – Ensures that every abortion law in Louisiana stands alone, meaning that if any law prohibiting or regulating abortion is held invalid by a court, such invalidity shall not affect other laws on abortion. Also increases fines and penalties for performing abortion.  PASSED HOUSE HEALTH AND WELFARE WITH AMENDMENTS 

✅SB 350  by Sen. Cloud – Deals with challenges to absentee ballots.  PASSED HOUSE AND GOVERNMENT

✅SB 388  by Sen. Hewitt – Creates the felony of the illegal sale of chemical abortions, through the mail.  PASSED HOUSE HEALTH AND WELFARE


Crystal clear life logic courtesy of Louisiana's Rep. Mike here!


A new poll conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University found that a Biblical literacy is "needed just as desperately in our pulpits as in the pews." The study found that only 37% of pastors hold a truly biblical worldview, while 62% embrace a hybrid worldview called Syncretism.

Syncretism is a combination of biblical ideas with a variety of other holistic or alternative approaches, which leads to inconsistency with what the Bible commands. These statistics are alarming, especially the finding that only 13% of youth pastors hold a biblical worldview. Children who are in their most formative years are most susceptible to mistruths, and those who are charged with teaching them the Bible must posses solid faith foundations.

The study also found that pastors increasingly consider quitting ministry, and 13% did this year!


Friends, as we await the Supreme Court’s decision in the Dobbs case, Homeland Security has warned of expected violence upon the overturn Roe v. Wade. Some threats include storming or burning down the Supreme Court, harming justices or their clerks and attacking places of worship and pregnancy care centers.

We invite you to join us in prayer each day at 9am and 9pm for our nation, SCOTUS justices and their families. Pray for safety, wisdom, and guidance as they contemplate a decision that affects so many and would give so many unborn children a chance at life. They are in a critical position, and as we pray for them, we will ask the Lord to grant protection to them and their families.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Join us for the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast for a day to honor Israel! RSVP by clicking here.

P.P.S  In light of the upcoming Supreme Court decision, we must be united in prayer for life and service to mothers in need. Please join Louisiana Right to Life, Louisiana Family Forum, and First Baptist New Orleans as we pray and prepare for an abortion-free Louisiana!


Please share with other pastors and church leaders.

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