May 26, 2023


LFF is working diligently with Louisiana lawmakers to ensure you get a Louisiana where God is honored, life is respected, families flourish and liberty reigns!

BREAKING: This week at Louisiana’s Capitol (see video summary here

This week the Louisiana Senate Health & Welfare committee and specifically Sen. Fred Mills (R-New Iberia) ignored compelling testimony, valid medical evidence and tragic personal stories of regret and deferred HB 648, the Stop Harming Children Act, which would have protected children from so-called “gender-affirming” medical procedures in Louisiana.  

On Wednesday, the Louisiana Senate Health & Welfare Committee heard testimony from experts including a pediatric endocrinologist and credible mental health professionals regarding the long-term damage done to children when puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries are administered. The committee heard testimony of adults who regret their “transition.” Also present were parents who are broken over counselors and school personnel encouraging their children to “identify” as something they were not created to be.

The legitimate purpose of government is to follow constitutional imperatives; chief among those are the protections for children from abuse. Governor John Bel Edwards is complicit in HB 648’s failure. Senate Health & Welfare Democrat members, due to pressure from the governor, voted to kill the bill. Opponents only needed one additional vote, and Chairman Sen. Fred Mills obliged casting that deciding vote. A vote he now reports he has “no regrets for making. 

Still, this error can be repaired. Senate RULE 13.11  Directing committee to report:

No legislative instrument which has been referred to a committee shall be acted upon or considered by the Senate until the committee has reported it; however, a majority of the elected members of the Senate, by motion or resolution, may direct a committee to hold a public hearing on and report a legislative instrument and may direct the time of such hearing or report, or both.  In addition, a majority of the elected members of the Senate, by motion or resolution, may recall a legislative instrument from a committee and discharge the committee from further consideration of the bill, in which case the instrument shall be recommitted to another committee.

The Louisiana Senate can right this wrong by simple majority, bringing the bill directly to a vote. LFF calls upon Senate members to make the proper motion to timely discharge HB 648.

Contact the Louisiana Senate at 225-342-2040 – leave a message for Sen. Pres. Page Cortez - “THANK HIM” for correcting the error and supporting the motion to release the bill, then request to be connected to your Senator with a “THANK YOU” for support and passage of HB 648 in a timely fashion. 

President Cortez, Senate members and Louisiana residents deserve no less than to fix the mess! 

The Session ends June 8 so this call to action is time sensitive.



✅ HB 9 Rep. Butler - School choice for students with exceptionalities. PASSED THE HOUSE 94-3

✅ HB 131 Rep. McCormick - Removes permit requirement for concealed carry. PASSED THE HOUSE

✅ HB 228 Rep. Green - Eliminates the death penalty. FAILED IN HOUSE CRIMINAL JUSTICE 4-11

✅ HB 260 Rep. Beaullieu - Prohibits federal interference in Louisiana elections. PASSED SENATE GOVT

✅ HB 361 Rep. Deshotel - Prohibits the use of TikTok and related applications on computers and networks owned or leased by the state. PASSED SENATE GOVT

✅ HB 443 Rep. Edmonds - $5000 Tax credit for adoption of unrelated child. PASSED HOUSE 97-0

✅ HB 462 Rep. Edmonds - Fiscal accountability for school boards. PASSED SENATE ED

✅ HB 537 Rep. Hodges - Prohibits the purchase, lease, or acquisition of real estate by foreign adversaries or persons connected with a foreign adversary. PASSED HOUSE

❌ HB 648 Rep. Firment - Establishes "Stop Harming Our Kids Act" in Louisiana prohibiting procedures that attempt to alter the gender of minorsFAILED IN SENATE HEALTH AND WELFARE

✅ HB 655 Rep. Goudeau - Regulation of kratom. PASSED HOUSE W/ AMENDMENTS

✅ SB 7 Sen. Cloud - Libraries restrict minors access to sex-explicit material. PASSED HOUSE ED 8-3

✅ SB 41 Sen. Mizell - Tax credit for donations to crisis pregnancy centers. PASSED HOUSE WAYS MEANS

❌ SB 194 Sen Mizell - "Card Em Act" - Civil liability for bars intoxicating serve underage who harm to themselves or others. FAILED IN HOUSE JUDICIARY

✅ SR 96 Sen. Mizell - Requests Louisiana Department of Health to study acute and long-term health events related to medical marijuana. PASSED SENATE HEALTH AND WELFARE


Follow the current status of the bills LFF is watching on our website.


Friendsthe Bible tells us that “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him” (Psalm 127:3). We are called to protect the childhood innocence by shielding them from anything that may corrupt their minds and hearts. 

HB 648 protects children. I need you to contact President Page Cortez and his Senate colleagues and let them know you expect nothing less. See action alert above.

Please pray for Louisiana leaders to find the courage to protect children, guard innocence, and welcome life! 

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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