May 27, 2022

Dear Friends,

Team LFF hosted two groups of pastors and ministry leaders at the state Capitol this week.  One pastor told me, “we are with you 100% on every issue." What a difference bringing a prayer covering and pastors' loaned influence to the decision makers of our state! Special thanks to AG Jeff Landry for hosting our Pastors Day at the Capitol all session! His team, their hospitality and the 23rd floor conference room made these events possible!

Legislators were encouraged as Christians went about the Capitol offering to pray for them as they go into the final week of the session. The Capitol is closed for the Memorial Day weekend and the session will resume on Tuesday of next week. Our focus will be on the Senate floor as there is a backlog of House bills awaiting final passage.

On the House floor: SB 342 by Sen. Katrina Jackson which increases the penalties for performing abortion and puts us in a good posture for a Post-Roe Louisiana and SB 388 by Sen. Sharon Hewitt which will make it a felony to ship abortion drugs directly to women in Louisiana.


This week at the Capitol:

✅HB 178 by Rep. Villio - Only U.S. Citizens can vote  PASSED HOUSE; PENDING SENATE GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS

✅HB 359 by Rep. Beaullieu- Prohibits federal election directives and spending of federal money for elections under conditions.  PASSED SENATE GOVERNMENT

✅HB 555 by Rep. Owen - Requires occupational licensing boards to publish certain information on their website.  PASSED SENATE COMMERCE

✅HB 600 by Rep. Frieman - Requires Louisiana DOH to promote opt-out provisions of vaccinations mandated by the government.  PASSED SENATE HEALTH

✅HB 639 by Rep. Pressly - Loosens occupational licensing requirements for workers with criminal histories.  PASSED SENATE COMMERCE

✅HB 640 by Rep. Wright - Vaccine manufacturers must disclose whether a vaccine is produced and/or tested using abortion-derived cells.  PASSED THE HOUSE

✅HB 811 by Rep. Miguez - Prohibits private funds to pay election-related expenses.  PASSED SENATE GOVERNMENT

✅HB 990 by Rep. Pressly - Prohibits COVID-19 vaccination mandates issued by the state and local governmental subdivisions.  PASSED SENATE HEALTH/ WELFARE

✅HB 1062 by Rep. Freeman - Allows petition of occupational licensing board for review of decisions issued by that board.  PASSED SENATE COMMERCE

✅HCR 93 by Rep. Emerson - Honors the pregnancy care centers of Louisiana.  PASSED THE SENATE

✅HR 138 by Rep. Landry - Pro-abortion request to study state laws relative to abortion.  FAILED IN HOUSE CRIMINAL JUSTICE

✅HR 158 by Rep. Firment - Orders study of gender-altering procedures on minors and risks associated.  PASSED THE HOUSE

✅SB 483 by Sen. Cathey - Allows professional licenses held in another state to seek recognition for for licensure in LA.  PASSED HOUSE COMMERCE

✅SB 44 by Sen. Mizell – Fairness in Women’s Sports.  SENT TO THE GOVERNOR on May 25th. By our calculations, JBE has until June 5 to act or it becomes law without his signature. LFF is encouraging JBE to sign SB 44 and finally settle this controversy. Louisiana residents can call the Governor’s office to ask him to sign SB 44 into law at: 225-342-7015. You may email him at:


A Biden administration official confirmed to The Federalist that it plans to require schools to allow boys into girls’ bathrooms and vice versa if they wish to continue receiving federal lunch money. The Biden policy places sexual politics over children.

This "regulation" will require federally-funded food recipients to allow biological males into bathrooms, showers, and sleeping areas designated for women. Religious schools are exempt from the order but will likely face public backlash from hyper-sexual extremist groups. Thirty million children were fed by school programs. This rule will force schools to choose between sexual politics or feeding kids.

God’s design, biological reality, should be respected in Louisiana and America.


Finally, LFF was honored to host president of FRC, Tony Perkins, and former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for a time of prayer for Israel. Perkins warned of the current administration's efforts to weaken American sovereignty by granting emergency powers to the World Health Organization and Michelle unpacked the timeline of when American policy honored Israel, how God's blessings flooded America, and when our policies ceased to honor Israel, God's blessings over America ceased as well.  

We were joined by statewide officials Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser, Treasurer John Schroeder and Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin as well as dozens of state legislators and a prayerful crowd of couple hundred people. The shofar was blown and the breaking and blessing of the bread offered by a rabbi who prayed for Israel in Hebrew. Finally, Pastor Tim Carscaden raised resources with an appeal to assist Ukrainian Jews in exile because of the war to relocate home to Israel.


Friendsthis Memorial Day, we encourage you to remember those who paid the ultimate price for their country and our freedom. Our soldiers have fought for freedom and justice throughout the world and their sacrifice must never be forgotten. This weekend is meant to give us opportunity to reflect and remember their contribution – what remains of freedom wouldn’t be here without them. As Claudia Pemberton wisely stated, “America without her soldiers would be like God without His angels.”

Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Join us June 3-4 for a Post-Roe Louisiana Summit in Baton Rouge! There will be a pregnancy center workshop, Vigil for Life event at an abortion facility, Prayer Breakfast for Life, and various conference sessions. Visit to learn more & RSVP!

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