June 2, 2023


We’ve completed another busy week of this year’s legislative session, and we are making more advancements toward a future where reverence for God, the value of life, flourishing families, and the preservation of liberty are prioritized in Louisiana!


We shared the disappointing news last week, that the Senate Health and Welfare voted down HB 648, the Stop Harming Kids Act, which protects minors from gender politics and medical-madness. LFF asked you to contact Senate President Cortez and Senators requesting they bring HB 648 to the full Senate for a vote.

We are pleased to report that yesterday, by a vote of 26-12, the Senate sent HB 648 to Judiciary A for a hearing, which occurs today at 1pm.

Once successful in committee, HB648 will be considered by the full Senate. It is God’s grace and our friends in the Senate which made this turnaround possible.  For those who prayed, came to the Capitol, called legislators, or communicated with leadership...Thank you.

Team LFF has had an incredible run at the Capitol.  Both the House and the Senate are slow walking opposite-chamber bills on the floor due to surplus spending disputes. The last chance for bills to be heard at least once in both Houses is Monday. Session ends next Friday, and there is much to finalize.

This Week at the Capitol:

✅ HB 9 Rep. Butler - Provide funding for students w exceptionalities PASSED SENATE ED

✅ HB 81 Rep. Crews - Requires schools to use correct pronouns for students. PASSED SENATE ED

✅ HB 125 Rep. Echols - Restricts ag lands from foreign adversaries ownership. PASSED SENATE AG

✅ HB 131 Rep. Mccormick  Allows permitless concealedcarry  handgun. PASSED SENATE JUD B

✅ HB 182 Rep. Edmonston – No vaccine requirement for school attendance. PASSED SENATE ED

✅ HB 311 Rep. Miguez - Prohibits foreign interference in elections PASSED SENATE AND GOVT

✅ HB 399 Rep. Edmonston - Requires immunization exemption information. PASSED SENATE ED

✅ HB 415/ HCR 71 Rep. Amedee - No central bank digital currency PASSED SENATE COMM

✅ HB 443 Rep. Edmonds -Income tax credit of $5,000 for child adoption. PASSED SENATE REV

✅ HB 462 Rep. Edmonds - Fiscal transparency for school boards. PASSED SENATE FIN

✅ HB 466 No K-12 instruction on sexual politics & requires correct pronouns. PASSED SENATE ED

✅ HB 655 Rep. Goudeau - Regulation of Kratom products PASSED SENATE JUDICIARY B

✅ SB 63 Sen. Mizell. - Constitutional amendment on freedom to worship as fundamental right w/ utmost protection from governmental interference. PASSED THE HOUSE 86-13

✅ SB 94 Sen. Kleinpeter – Regulation of Kratom  PASSED HOUSE CRIMINAL JUSTICE

✅ SB 147 Sen. Robert Mills - Authorizes self-insurance fund for churches. PASSED HOUSE 104-0

✅ SB 162 Sen. McMath -social media shall not allo minors to hold account unless consent provided by parent. PASSED HOUSE COMMERCE


✅ HB 291 Rep. Charles Owen - Creates the "No Patient Left Alone Law" and establishes minimum requirements for in person visits at certain healthcare facilities.

✅ HB 5 Rep. Frieman - Provides payment of out-of-pocket pregnancy-related expenses by father.

✅ HB 61 Rep. Schlegel – Minors cannot contract with websites without parental consent.

✅ HB 77 Rep. Schlegel - Provides for the attorney general investigation and pursuit of civil actions for commercial entities that knowingly and intentionally publish or distribute material harmful to minors and that fail to perform reasonable age verification.

✅ HB 8 Rep. Horton - Requires display of the national motto, "In God We Trust", in every public elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education classroom as funds are available.

✅ HB 68 Rep. Hodges - Authorizes public school governing authority to offer religiously neutral elective hi-school course in the history and literature of the Bible.

✅ HB 260 Rep. Beaullieu - Prohibits implementation of federal election directives and guidance and spending of federal money for elections.

✅ HB 457 Rep. Crews - Establishes a commemorative certificate of nonviable birth (miscarriage).

✅ HB 32 Rep. Schlegel - Increases tax deductions for K-12 education from $6000/year.

✅ HB 443 Rep. Edmonds - Tax credit for child adoption

✅ HB 462 Rep. Edmonds - Fiscal transparency and accountability for school boards.

The arrival of June marks the beginning of what the left has labeled "Pride Month.” Corporations and cultural institutions go to great lengths to showcase their commitment to “pride,” placing many in awkward and conflicting situations. 

Even in the realm of sports, teams will proudly wear rainbow flags to commemorate “Pride.” The widespread celebration of LGBT “identity” seems all-encompassing, but as Christians, we have the ability to reframe this month in a way that honors God.

Here are proposals for a better way. 

The Washington Stand, refers to June as “Life Month.” This June will mark the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, a pro-life victory that is certainly worth celebrating. “In June 2022, the Lord of heaven and earth saw fit to strike down the chief “right” of the liberal worldview in the very month most glorified and praised as LGBT+. What an incredible move this was,” writes Owen Strachen for the Washington Stand. 

Additionally, Professor Robert George of Princeton University is declaring June to be “‘Fidelity Month’—a month dedicated to the importance of fidelity to God, spouses and families, our country, and our communities.” These are the things Christians celebrate this month to combat a politically driven hyper-sexual- cultural takeover. 

So-called “Pride Month” also offers parents a great opportunity to teach their children why we oppose the left’s view of human sexuality and how God’s design leads to happier and healthier lives. 

Pride comes before the fall...freedom comes in Christ alone!


Friendsonly a nation built on Biblical truths can survive and remain free. Restoring and protecting our individual freedoms will require that our culture returns to God’s Word. Even our Founding Fathers noted that our Constitution establishes a nation that demands a “moral and religious people.” Let’s take every opportunity we have to educate upcoming generations on the Christian history of our nation, Biblical truths, and God’s design for humanity. 

Thank you for standing with us as we continue to act as God’s messengers and advance Biblical principles in our legislature during this session.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Our national partner, Family Policy Alliance, has launched a Social Conservative Straw Poll to see what social conservatives think about these early-announced candidates free of media bias. 

"By putting numbers behind social conservative viewpoints, we inform the nation about what social conservatives think; and we bring our voices to the forefront together," says Family Policy Alliance of the poll. 

Take the straw poll using the link HERE. Let your voice be heard!

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