June 9, 2023


Fresh off one of the most productive Legislative Sessions in recent memory, and with no time to celebrate or recuperate, Governor John Bel Edwards has decided he will veto what he describes as, “anti-LGBT” bills passed by the Louisiana Legislature - which simply protects children!

His rationale stands alone: 'The judgement of history, I believe, will be very clear,' Edwards says.

So, too will the judgment of eternity, Governor (see Matthew 18:6-7)!

Constitutionally, the Governor has a limited number of days to sign, veto, or allow a bill go into law without his signature. If Governor Edwards follows through on his veto threat, then the Legislature must return for a veto override session (likely July 18th) to ensure that children are protected from Big Pharma and “Doctors” who profit off of childhood anxiety (HB 648). Legislators must also protect children from sexualization in public schools (HB 81 and HB 466). 

In most years, Louisiana treats veto override sessions as optional. Not this yearProtecting the health, safety, and well-being of our children is one of the most important obligations of every Louisiana lawmaker. A veto override session is not an option!

Each year, LFF produces a Legislative Scorecard on votes taken during the session.  In our 2023 scorecard, we will include the override session vote so that you may know which Lawmakers shared your concern to return to the Capitol to protect Louisiana children.

No one, not even Governor John Bel Edwards, has the right to harm a child! Let’s make sure that these protections become law in Louisiana.

Action Item:

Click here to urge the legislature to protect the health, safety and well-being of every child in Louisiana by holding a veto override session and overriding the Governor's promised veto. Protect Louisiana children. Ensure that HB648, HB 81 and HB466 become law.

Click here to see the outcome of some of the important bills we have been watching this session.

According to a recent Rasmussen survey, a significant majority of American adults (71%) believe in the basic biological fact that there are only two genders, with 57% strongly supporting this view. Even among Democrats, 67% share this perspective. The survey also revealed that over 60% of Americans support legislation, like Louisiana’s HB 648, that prohibits gender transition procedures for minors.

Americans across the political spectrum still believe in God’s design for human sexuality. As a result, companies forcefully promoting gender ideology this month are facing substantial backlash.

Fortunately, the declared GOP candidates for the 2024 presidential race are aligned with the majority of voters on this issue. All the leading candidates, including former President Donald Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, and Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, as well as the expected candidate former Vice President Mike Pence, have expressed their firm opposition to sex-change treatments for minors.

In addition, just this year, at least 16 states have passed laws banning sex-change treatments for minors, with both Texas and Florida doing so in the last month.

Every American has a role to play in the fight against gender ideology and child mutilation. Thankfully, the vast majority of voters are on the right side of this issue, and we are hopeful that they vote accordingly.


A wedding photographer in New York who holds Christian beliefs is currently awaiting a decision from the U.S. Supreme Court to determine if she will be allowed to run her business in alignment with her religious convictions or if the state of New York will require her to shut down.

Emilee Carpenter holds the belief that “God created marriage to be a joyful, exclusive union between one man and one woman,” and exercises her right not to provide photography services for same-sex weddings.

However, New York's "human rights" law considers such discretion discriminatory. As a result, she faces potential penalties of up to $100,000 in fines and a year of imprisonment.

Carpenter’s attorney, Kellie Fiedorek, explained that the New York law “does compel her speech, but also prevents her from speaking freely when it comes to what her beliefs are. She serves everyone. She has clients and photographs clients that identify as LGBT, but there’s some messages – and marriage is one of them – that she can only create photographs and talk about that and promote it and celebrate marriage that goes consistent with what her faith teaches her as such a sacred union.”

The case was presented for argument last year before the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which chose not to issue a verdict, but instead referred the case to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has recently taken up a comparable case involving Lorie Smith, a Christian photographer in Colorado who is facing penalties under a similar law for declining to provide photography services for same-sex unions.

This is a crucial opportunity for the Supreme Court to affirm the First Amendment rights of all Christian businesses. No one should be forced to endorse a message that violates their deeply-held beliefs.


Friendsthe radical, evil agenda being pushed by major companies and cultural institutions this month can lead us to despair, but we must hold on to hope in the fact that most Americans reject such radical ideas. Whether they know it or not, they still believe in the goodness of God’s design. There is always hope, and God is still moving.  

Don't forget to fill out the action item! 

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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