June 17, 2022

Dear Friends,

President Biden just announced an unprecedented executive order for “Pride Month,” and though filled with euphemisms and platitudes, the directive raises the red flag. The executive order promotes “gender-affirming” surgery, the mutilation of healthy and functional body parts so that “patients” (even children) can camouflage their sex and “identify” with what they think they would like to become.

President Biden’s contempt for traditional values and calling opponents “bullies” is almost as contrary as his disrespect for God’s design. The E.O. is an all-out redefinition of “sex” at the federal level, and a nefarious plot to punish opposition to the LGBT agenda. Biden's label, discriminatory and perpetrator, will be slapped on non-adaptors so they can be punished.

Of particular concern is the EO’s emphasis on “preventing conversion therapy.” Biden's E.O. doesn’t bother to define “conversion therapy." Elsewhere, attacks on Christian therapists who simply have conversations with clients about unwanted same-sex attractions are guilty of said prohibition. Radicals call that speech impermissible and label it “conversion therapy” – and we suspect that this E.O. will target the free speech and freedom rights of all Americans.


The depravity of pro-abortion radicals knows no limits and they have promised more domestic terror attacks against pro-life groups. This has caused over 100 House Republicans, led by Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson, to call on AG Merrick Garland to investigate these groups.

Two pro-life pregnancy crisis centers in Madison, Wisconsin and Buffalo, New York have been firebombed over the last couple of weeks. During the Madison attacks, the words “if abortions aren’t safe, then neither are you” were spray-painted on the exterior of the building. Proponents of “love and tolerance” are increasing force in their quest to preserve abortion! This must strengthen our resolve to bring the light into every dark corner that blights this country. Join that fight in Louisiana by visiting: lafamilyforum.org/after-roe


Before the month's end, we will learn the SCOTUS decision in the Dobbs case and the future of Roe v. Wade. We are anticipating a complete reversal and an abortion-free Louisiana! 

We are also awaiting a decision on Gov. J.B. Edwards' signature on pending pro-life bills SB 342 and SB 388.                        

Many have asked, how should we respond to the decision?

  • Celebrate the reversal of Roe, and then help us restore a Respect Life ethic in Louisiana!
  • Understand that current law is clear: the unborn will be legally protected from abortion in Louisiana immediately upon the overturn of Roe! 
  • Find your place to serve moms in their time of need.
  • Churches and local communities, we encourage you to become oasis for those who are adrift and in need. (Source: Louisiana Right to Life)

Friendsearnestly pray for the Supreme Court, for the protection of all human life, for moms in need, and peace throughout our nation when the decision is rendered.

For this we toil and struggle, because we have set our hope on the living God, who is the savior of all, especially of those who believe.

- 1 Timothy 4:10


In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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