July 14, 2023


The Veto Override session is officially confirmed.

Now it’s time to clarify what’s at stake… will ‘Groomers’ have access to Louisiana children? At least that’s how the conversation unfolded on May 2nd in House Health & Welfare committee, in this exchange between Rep. Kenny Cox & teen detransitioner, Prisha Mosely.  

Rep. Kenny Cox: “So were you Groomed by somebody?” 

Prisha Mosely: “Absolutely. I wasn't using that word…because I thought it was too polarizing. But what happened to me fits the very definition of ‘grooming’.  I was online in anorexia communities and transgender adults came in and told us that the reason we couldn't eat was because we were born in the wrong body.”

Rep. Kenny Cox: “And how deep did that go into your Spirit and Soul?”

Prisha Mosely: “I mean, I believed the adults around me…”

“The girl I was is gone and has been replaced by a medical experiment” - Prisha Mosely    

WOW…that is the essence of Tuesday’s vote.

Will minor children, under duress, be medically and chemically subjected to people who profit from their dilemma? Will those who possess nefarious motives -- Rep. Cox called those “groomers” – be given continued access to Louisiana children?

In her testimony, Prisha Mosely describes in detail what was done to her, her body and the health consequences she must bear for the rest of her life. This clip includes testimony from Senator Angela Hill of Mississippi and compassionate comments by, Louisiana Reps. Kenny Cox and Laurie Schlegel. It is arguably the most informative 5 minutes you could invest today in preparation for next week.

Children who experience emotional discomfort with their body, biological sex, or simply wrestle with very real adolescent fear and emotion, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. They are only helped by competent mental health care, not experimental and permanent sterilizing puberty blockers or mutilating surgical procedures.

So the question remains: this Tuesday, July 18th, will Louisiana lawmakers vote for continued ‘groomer access’ to Louisiana children? Will it be “Access Granted” or “Access Denied”? 

Let your voice be heard here…

Also, more info about Prisha Mosely’s story.

Newly released statistics provided by American Society for Emergency Contraception indicate that Plan B vending machines have been installed on college campuses nationwide. Universities in 18 states, including Louisiana, have implemented vending machines that dispense the harmful drug. READ FULL REPORT HERE.


The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) has uncovered videos showing that Partnership on AI (PAI), a nonprofit organization affiliated with several major technology companies, organized workshops where speakers advocated for the integration of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Karl Marx's teachings into the field of artificial intelligence (AI) ethics.

PAI, founded by Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft in 2016, envisions a future where AI contributes to a more "equitable" world, as stated on its website, and emphasizes the values of "equity and inclusion."

In response to a query, ChatGPT stated that there is no scientific evidence to support the notion that transgender women are fundamentally distinct from cisgender (non-trans) women.

“The danger of an ESG-like alliance of the world’s biggest corporations working to use their monopoly over AI development to inject it with wokeness cannot be overstated,” a spokesman for AAF told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “As we slip into a world dominated by AI, we may wake up one day soon to a universe where Critical Race Theory and Marxism are embedded into the very algorithms our society runs on.”


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) a $3.3 million grant to develop a training program and a website targeting transgender youth in other states. The grant marks a notable collaboration between a federal agency and advocates for gender transition procedures among minors.

The BCH research team proposed to create “a provider-training and support program to expand the local workforce of gender-affirming care providers,” which “entails a free online training course for continuing education credit,” and “a provider network and pathway for remote … consultations with specialists.” 

Taxpayer dollars should never be used to indoctrinate youth with radical gender ideology and encourage dangerous, experimental procedures!


Friends, as we do God’s work and take a stand for a more principled society, don’t forget the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to pulling down of strongholds (2 Cor 10:4). Prayers and participation are appreciated!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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