July 21, 2023


In this week’s veto override session, Louisiana lawmakers courageously voted to override Governor Edwards’s veto of the Stop Harming Our Kids Act, a bill which actually protects children from chemical and surgical experimentation.

On June 29, Governor John Bel Edwards (D) vetoed the bill, arguing that it would "needlessly harm a very small population of vulnerable children, their families, and their healthcare professionals." In response, LFF assisted in organizing a veto override session, during which HB 648 (Stop Harming Children Act) was approved by a bi-partisan margin of 76-23 in the House of Representatives, surpassing the initial passage vote on May 3. Then the veto override successfully passed the Senate by a vote of 28-11. This well-supported effort will now take effect on January 1, 2024. This start date was arranged to allow the current “treatments” to wean these kids off the medications without any harmful side effects.

Chloe Cole, an outspoken detransitioner, acknowledged the significant progress that Louisiana has made in just one year. Prior to the recent vote, Louisiana stood as "the last state in the South that was sterilizing and cutting up children," she observed.

"Last year, Louisiana tried to ban talk therapy for kids with gender dysphoria. As of today, Louisiana has done a full 180 and has now placed age restrictions that prevent what happened to me from happening to any child in the South," Cole continued.

Louisiana is now the 20th state to protect children from harmful, irreversible procedures. This is a tremendous victory for the safety and well-being of Louisiana children!

A special thanks to the pastors, prayer leaders, business owners and thousands of moms and dads who cared enough to write, email, and visit the Capitol to let your voice be heard.

You did it!

LSU Graduate Student and professor Marcus Venables has been relieved of his duties after leaving Louisiana State Senator Mike Fesi a profanity-laced voicemail for his vote to override the governor and protect children from irrational gender procedures. 

You can read the full transcript of the voicemail here (WARNING: language).


A 12-year-old boy who identifies as a girl has allegedly displaced 100 female track and field athletes. Now, attorneys representing the state of West Virginia, alongside the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), have jointly filed a motion with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, seeking to suspend an injunction that partially blocked a law aimed at regulating athletic team participation based on sex.

“When you ignore biological reality and allow males to compete on girls’ sports teams, girls are harmed and denied athletic opportunities — even in middle school,” said ADF Senior Counsel Christiana Kiefer. “This male athlete’s athletic success demonstrates that the injunction against West Virginia’s women’s sports law is undeniably causing multiple girls to suffer, and we urge the 4th Circuit to take immediate action and restore a fair playing field for female athletes.”

Even in middle school, females are suffering from the consequences of radical gender ideology. In order to protect women’s rights and safety, the indisputable biological differences between men and women must be respected!


Friends, our hard work to protect child hood  innocence and well-being is paying dividends . God is answering our prayers and the truth about radical gender ideology is coming to light. Please keep LFF in your prayers as we continue to bring the Truth to a secular culture of lies and advance Christian principles in the public square!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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