August 11, 2023


An “adult entertainment group” submitted a federal lawsuit contesting Louisiana statutes that mandate sexually explicit online platforms to require electronic verification of users' age, ensuring they are at least 18 years old.

The lawsuit argues that these laws have the potential to stifle freedom of expression, claiming that the “vague” terminology used in the legislation might render it difficult for service providers to accurately determine what constitutes "material harmful to minors."

The plaintiffs are the Free Speech Coalition, three suppliers of sexually explicit muck, and a Louisiana resident who lacks state ID and wishes to retain access to adult websites. The lawsuit aims to have Louisiana’s law declared unconstitutional.

“I know that many of you have heard me say, ‘This isn’t your daddy’s Playboy,’ but, heck. This isn’t even the Hustler you hid underneath your bed,” said state Rep. Laurie Schlegel, who authored the age-verification law. “What we’re discussing today is hardcore porn that is one click away from our children.”

Porn is incredibly harmful, and far too easily accessible to children. Louisiana's Age-verification law has passed in 6 states and is on the docket in 16 others! It protects children and will prevail!

After years of rapid growth that led to solid majorities in different corners of the state, Republicans are positioned for what can only be described as dominance. If polling trends hold, this week’s qualifying period could lead to the reality of no Democrats in statewide elected office.

Super-majorities for the GOP are already within reach in the House and Senate, and the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education may end up with the most conservative membership it has ever seen.

Under the leadership of Party Chair Katie Bernhardt, who momentarily made herself a potential candidate earlier in the cycle, Democrats have never looked weaker in Louisiana. And, frankly, the landscape will probably only worsen for Democrats over the next few years.

Their best bet is to rebuild and find a contributing role in policymaking as Republicans are left to fight themselves — and make sure they continue to win on the redrawing of Louisiana’s congressional map, which will probably include a new minority district in time for next year’s cycle. 

Read more at LaPolitics.


Dr. Cade Brumley, Louisiana’s superintendent of education, told Newsmax that a new law mandating “In God We Trust” be displayed in every classroom in the state is an exercise in patriotism and religious freedom.

Brumley made his remarks Friday on “National Report.

“Look, the National Opinion Research Center just released a study and it said that in 1998, 70% of Americans believed patriotism was very important,” he said. “Move forward 25 years they just released the same report. It says about 38% of Americans think patriotism is very important, and it's even more concerning with individuals under 30, where that number is around 23%.

“So put that in perspective. Only about one-third of Americans believe that patriotism is very important. And so, our legislature took action and essentially decided to place ‘In God We Trust' in classrooms across our state.

“That particular bill passed 98-44 in our House and unanimously in our Senate.”


Friends, as always, thank you for standing with us as we remain on the frontlines of a deeply spiritual cultural battle. Please continue to pray that God guides our every decision.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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