August 26, 2022


On Wednesday, President Biden announced an unprecedented “student loan forgiveness” plan that will cost taxpayers an estimated $500 billion. The plan allows “$10,000 in relief for all borrowers with an annual income below $125,000 and $20,000 in relief for those who qualified for federal Pell grants earmarked for low-income undergraduates below the income cap."

But who does this plan really help? It turns out, the plan disproportionately favors the wealthy – leaving a largely blue collar America to foot the bill. From Forbes: Analysis of a $10,000 blanket relief program published Tuesday by the Penn Wharton Budget Model found 69.79% of overall debt forgiveness would go to the top 60% of Americans by income, while individuals who make between $82,400 and $141,096—placing them between the 60th and 80th percentile—would receive the greatest share of overall forgiveness, at 28.1%...”

Ironically, the federal government’s involvement (entanglement) in higher education continues to facilitate annual increases in educational cost.

This is not a responsible effort, and it is not just. It’s easy to simply conclude that this is a strategy to save the midterm elections for the "progressive" left. It’s also a bailout gesture for Big Education - another Biden base.


Residents of New Orleans have long been accustomed to the hard-left politics of Mayor Cantrell, particularly after witnessing the damage from her aggressive COVID policies. But the mayor recently outdid herself when she showed up to a criminal court hearing to support a teenager and his mother.

Also present in the courtroom were victims of felony crimes, perpetrated by the teenager to whom Mayor Cantrell loaned her support.

You read that right: the mayor was there to support the criminal who traumatized victims in five incidents by brandishing a fake gun (which the victims thought was real) to steal a car.

Do we believe in second chances? Of course. But we also believe in law and order, and the mayor’s public support of a criminal instead of crime victims was another tone-deaf gesture. A study from earlier this summer found that New Orleans has experienced the highest increase in murder rate in the entire nation.

The mayor might want to reprioritize some things.


As pro-life laws across the nation go into effect (Louisiana’s abortion ban is in effect, legal challenges are pending), many Christians are pivoting from changing the law to changing the culture.

The Gospel Coalition put together a great list of 10 ways your church, community, or ministry can serve mothers, babies, and families in a post-Roe world to help build up the culture of life!

Some items from the list include:

  • Call your local pregnancy center and ask what they need
  • Open a maternity library
  • Host a finance or jobs class

…and more! Click here to read the full list. We also hope you’ll join us in building a culture of life in Louisiana on September 20th at the LFF Awards Gala with Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch! Secure your sponsorships HERE.


Friendstake heart, and remember that you are in the hands of God! We know that God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient. He IS the Alpha and the Omega – and there is no fear in Jesus Christ, only love!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. The beauty of Alaska is breathtaking! I’ve spent the last week exploring this untamed wonderland with my son Marshall & policy friends from around the country. I’m finally home filled with awe. Enjoy these Alaska pictures! (Thank you to the hosts - you know who you are!)

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