September 2, 2022


President Biden’s "speech" last night echoed forceful tones for those Americans who dared to disagree with his vision as “threats to America.” The setting: historic Philadelphia, a dark red backdrop, two impeccable Marines standing at attention, and a very animated president. Now, in full disclosure, I could not watch what I surmised would be a political theater meant to rally the base for this fall's elections. So, I relied upon reruns which could be fast-forwarded. By most accounts the address scored poorly on both the unity pledge & viewership.

Fortunately, threats even from the highest office in the land have not dissuaded statesmen to simply disagree and dismiss lawlessness. One recent example includes Biden’s threat to remove federal lunch money for those who dared disagree with introduction of a pro-transgender agenda in government schools. Louisiana State Superintendent of Schools Cade Brumley says, “Louisiana school systems should not alter their local policies or procedures based solely on these overreaching guidance documents.” The Biden administration documents a major expansion to Title IX which would include forceful addition of sexual orientation and “gender identity” (SOGI). Biden’s "vision" to normalize LGBT politics has met resistance.

Louisiana has not consented to this transgender agenda. The state legislature this year enacted a law that bars athletes from competing in sports that do not align with their biological sex. Under Title IX, schools that receive federal funding may have that money withheld (temporarily) if they do not comply with the administration’s prescriptions. This is clearly lawless and political, nonetheless, districts like New Orleans have already jumped on board!

Joe Biden has resorted to scare tactics to threaten school compliance, but in a clear message sent out Tuesday afternoon, Superintendent Brumley said “school systems should not alter their local policies or procedures based solely on these overreaching guidance documents.”

Kudos, Cade - we’re with you!

And please TAKE ACTION - there are 10 days left to submit comment opposing these reckless changes to Title IX! Click here to take action.


Louisiana’s AG Landry joined 22 other AGs to stand with Navy SEAL members in a legal fight against medical mandates. Thirty-five active Navy SEALs have petitioned the US government to remain unvaccinated citing their sincerely held religious beliefs. The SEALs who remain unjabbed are being forcefully segregated from their unit and living in squalid conditions, impacting their mental health.

It is unconscionable that some of the bravest and brightest in America, who also happen to be physically healthy, are being forced to take experimental COVID therapeutics. It also goes to show that the federal government cares less about deeply held religious beliefs than the power to force people to bend to their will.  

Thank you, Jeff, and your 22 colleagues - continue to stand for religious liberty.


From 2018 to 2020 Louisiana ranked 6th in the nation in enrollment in charter schools, and 3rd in enrollment in private schools. The proportion of Louisiana students in public schools is 3rd lowest in the country, making Louisiana the 3rd most free school choice state in the nation for three years. In 2022, however, the state did little to continue this momentum and parents’ access to school choice could be threatened. 

Jeff Sadow writes how there were fourteen bills introduced in 2022 that would have expanded school choice but none made it out of legislative committee. Another huge setback was the failure to stop indoctrinating curricula as the left pushes their worldview on students. During this upcoming election cycle, it is of the utmost importance that we focus on leadership and liberty for parents to select the school of their choice!


Friendsthe ills that plague our country are numerous, but thankfully we have many courageous individuals fighting government overreach, like those mentioned above and Mississippi AG Lynn Fitch! We are blessed to host AG Fitch as our keynote speaker during LFF’s Award Gala on Tuesday September 20th. Secure your sponsorship and reserve your table today!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Honorable mention goes to Rep. Valerie Hodges for her stand on the Livingston Parish library battle. Valarie said, "there is no appropriate way to introduce inappropriate material to an innocent child. That's not censorship, that’s common sense.”

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