September 8, 2023


This October 14th ballot will include a crucial Amendment. 

Louisiana voters will respond to the following question: “Do you support an amendment to make clear that the freedom of worship in a church or other place of worship is a fundamental right that is worthy of the highest order of protection?”

This proposal, Amendment 2, requires state & local government to limit emergency order impacts upon churches, synagogues and other places of worship and for any such orders to meet the highest standard of judicial review, known as “strict scrutiny,” if challenged in court.

In March of 2020, an East Baton Rouge pastor was arrested and jailed for hosting services in violation of Governor Edwards’s (unconstitutional) Executive Orders. Upon review of the criminal & civil cases, different legal standards of constitutional review were applied in the lower courts and even in the majority and minority opinions at the Louisiana Supreme Court. 

By setting forth strict scrutiny as the precise legal standard that all judges should apply to court decisions, court challenges may be fewer in number, thereby saving the state money on defending unwarranted government actions that do not meet the protections required by strict scrutiny.

This is a crucial opportunity to prevent government overreach and protect religious liberty. Vote YES to Amendment 2 on October 14th! 

LFF’s LouisianaVoterGuide.Org coming September 23rd!


“The Working Man”

Sen. Mark Rubio just released a detailed report focused on a critical aspect of the American economy – working and non-working men

It turns out that an extraordinary number of healthy men are not employed. Part of the problem has to do with something going on with the psychology of America today. 

But a major factor is that working-class men once had opportunities to get good jobs where they made and built things. “The kind of jobs where you took a shower after you got home from work, not before you went to work.” 

In recent decades, those jobs have been outsourced overseas, and it’s killing our country.  As a result, there are millions of men who are struggling to find a fulfilling and useful life (work). It’s a national crisis, and something Senator Rubio is committed to addressing.

In releasing his report, Rubio declared:

“This report sheds light on the problems men face as workers and offers policymakers solutions that will build up men to be better providers, husbands, fathers, and community leaders. I am committed to working on these issues because I believe that we can build a better future for our boys and men, and for our country as a whole.”

This is called populist conservatism. 

The traditional conservative approach that has long guided the Republican Party worships free markets and so-called “free trade.” It argues that the cheapest labor available to produce a product is always best. 

But an absolute globalist philosophy omits a vitally importance: a Healthy Homefront. 

Sadly, a free trade focus has enriched China and impoverished large chunks of America. Multinational corps fare well, while mom & pop struggle. Wall Street thrives, Main Street dies.

Some attack populist conservatism as heresy. They are mistaken. If conservatives don’t speak to the real issues facing hard-working Americans, they will never win another election.

Conservatives lose the “highly-educated” because of neo-Marxist indoctrination at the university. Conservatives lose the working-class because they fell Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan doesn’t care about them. Cutting moms Social Security while planning a no-win war isn’t exactly a winning political message.                           

Source American Values


Friends, in order to effectively advance first principles we need every Christian in Louisiana to be informed and to get involved. 

One easy way to do so is to sponsor LFF’s Silver Anniversary Gala on September 28th! This is the premier opportunity to celebrate the state Representatives and Senators who served honorably on behalf of life, liberty, and limited government. Sponsorship details found here.


In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum


P.S. Check out the Lafayette Mayoral Forum that I had the privilege to moderate for Acadiana pastors here. Special thanks to candidates Mayor Josh Guillory, Jan Swift & Monique Boulet for a healthy conversation. We are also grateful to Pastor Bobby Richard for organizing and Open Door Church for hosting. 


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