September 15, 2023


Next Thursday, September 28th, I will, for the 25th time, gratefully attend LFF’s Legislative Awards Gala. Once again, we expect well over 500 of our biggest supporters and friends, including 50+ elected officials and dozens of candidates vying for office. Numbers do not always tell a complete story, but I am convinced that a nearly sold out HPC Arena speaks to the value that many have assigned to LFF’s 25 years of ministry and hence our Silver Anniversary! 

This has been an incredible year for Louisiana Family Forum. Between the results in the 2023 Legislative Session, the official release of our latest 2023 Legislative Scorecard, a successful D.C. Leadership Academy (see Images below), and our September 23rd launch of the LouisianaVoterGuide.Org, I could not be prouder of the work that everyone here at LFF has accomplished thus far this year.

Louisiana Family Forum's vision after 25 years remains to build a Louisiana where God is honored, life is respected, families flourish and liberty reigns! 

For this year's Silver Anniversary, we were pleased to welcome Family Research Council President and LFF Founder, Tony Perkins, and America Family Association's General Counsel, Abraham Hamilton of The Hamilton Corner, as special guests. 

If you are able to attend the Gala but have not secured a Seat or Sponsorship RSVP immediately HERE . Single tickets are now available and a few tables remain open.

A sell-out is expected so act in a timely fashion!   


Please join us in alerting people of faith to Vote YES on Amendment #2 on the October 14 ballot.

We are asking churches and religious nonprofits to simply stamp all emails for a month with a headline banner (see above) OR a signature block image (see link below) that promotes the ballot measure. [Click HERE to download images]

This is a virtually no cost way to get out the vote on this crucial religious liberty issue.

Amendment #2 simply requires state & local governments to apply the same standards to places of worship as applied to other organizations, businesses or services when declaring emergency restrictions – no more or no less protections than everyone else.

The ballot question will simply ask: “Do you support an amendment to make clear that the freedom of worship in a church or other place of worship is a fundamental right that is worthy of the highest order of protection?”

The resulting legal standard that courts will be required to use is “strict scrutiny,” and this protection will ensure churches and synagogues are not closed when restaurants, bars and casinos remain open.

This is a crucial protection against government overreach. Please help us to get out the word to “Vote YES" on Amendment #2 on October 14th!

Will Hall, PhD - La Baptist, Office of Public Policy


A recent poll conducted by Gray TV regarding the Louisiana gubernatorial race examined potential run-off scenarios involving the leading candidate, Jeff Landry, and four other contenders.

In the event of a run-off between Landry and Democrat candidate Shawn Wilson, the poll revealed that 52% of voters across the state would support Landry, while 39% would back Wilson. Political analysts such as Dr. Robert Collins from Dillard University anticipate that Landry will run-off against Wilson.

In a run-off between Landry and Waguespack, Landry would secure 52% of the vote, while Waguespack would receive 27%. In the event of a run-off between Landry and Lundy, the poll indicates that Landry would garner 56% of the vote, while Lundy would secure 30%. Finally, if Landry were to face Schroder or Hewitt, he would garner slightly more than 50% of the vote. 

The primary election is just a few weeks away on October 14th! Don’t forget to cast a vote informed by biblical principles. Every vote makes a difference. is available tomorrow! Be sure to share with neighbors, family, and friends.


Friends, don't forget to get your gala tickets here and that goes live tomorrow!


In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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