October 6, 2023


Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise could very well be the next Speaker of the House.

In a letter to his Republican House colleagues, Scalise shared the following:

God already gave me another chance at life. I believe we were all put here for a purpose. This next chapter won't be easy, but I know what it takes to fight and I am prepared for the battles that lie ahead. I humbly ask you for your support on this mission to be your Speaker of the House. 

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio is also considered a front-runner for the position. Mike Johnson has been mentioned as the consolation candidate if neither are able to get to the magic number 218.

Whoever the next House Speaker is, pray that God guides them, this nation, and that man or woman to lead effectively and with courage to defend faith, family, and freedom!


The October 14th primary election is just one week from tomorrow!

You read that right! 

It is crucial to talk to friends, family, and neighbors about why the entire ballot is so important, but especially Amendment #2. 

On October 14th, Louisiana voters will respond to the following question: “Do you support an amendment to make clear that the freedom of worship in a church or other place of worship is a fundamental right that is worthy of the highest order of protection?”

This proposal, Amendment 2, requires state & local government to limit emergency order impacts upon churches, synagogues and other places of worship and for any such orders to meet the highest standard of judicial review, known as “strict scrutiny,” if challenged in court.

And you can read more about this crucial amendment and preview the rest of your ballot when you visit LouisianaVoterGuide.org. (See below for a sample portion of the guide!)


Good news: a federal judge tossed out a challenge to Louisiana’s age verification law that requires porn websites to verify a user’s adult age before allowing them into the site. These porn companies face monetary fines if they fail to verify a individual’s age of 18 or older using some kind of official documentation like a state driver’s license.

This fight isn’t over, so pray that the bill's author Rep. Laurie Schlegel (R - Jefferson Parish) may continue her mission to protect Louisiana children!


Friendsremember…God is good all of the time, and all of the time, God is good!

Keep faith and Geaux VOTE!


In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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