November 3, 2023


Governor-Elect Landry has set his sights on restoring New Orleans, which has been riddled with crime, poverty, and mismanagement.

“We want the city of New Orleans to operate like the city of Charleston and the city of Nashville, or some of the other great Southern cities around the country,” he said on Wednesday.

So far, Mayor Cantrell and two New Orleans City Council members, Oliver Thomas and Eugene Green, have expressed a willingness to cooperate despite partisan differences.

Families in New Orleans deserve a better quality of life. Let's pray for our elected leaders that they take this mission to restore New Orleans seriously!


Being a sports fan in Louisiana is a stressful experience according to a recent study!

KPEL reports:

Rooting for teams like the New Orleans Saints, the UL Ragin’ Cajuns, or the LSU Tigers is a high-stress experience, placing Louisiana as the second most stressed state in the nation for sports enthusiasts...

...Louisiana's stress index hit 7 out of 10, trailing only behind Idaho's surprising 7.5. This index outpaces neighboring states like Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama by a significant margin, suggesting a unique intensity in the Louisiana sports scene.

Nevertheless, it's a stress I'm willing to continue experiencing!


While Rep. Johnson (now Speaker Johnson) was unable to attend LFF’s 25th Silver Anniversary Gala in September, he recorded a video for the attendees. 

“I’m so grateful to Louisiana Family Forum and to all of you for supporting its efforts. I’m proud to say I was there in the very beginning…” he began. 

Before completing law school at LSU in 1997, Johnson started working with LFF. During this time, he accompanied me as I met with pastors across the state to establish an organization dedicated to advocating for governance that aligns with biblical principles.

Johnson noted that he’s worked with many family policy councils around the country. “In every scenario and every setting, LFF was recognized to be the model. We have the greatest one in Louisiana.”

“The next few years ahead of us are the greatest and most important time in our battle to preserve the foundational principles of our country. It has never been more important for Louisiana Family Forum to be there on those front lines…There are a lot of things that we can invest our time and our resources in, but I’m going to tell you with great conviction that Louisiana Family Forum is the greatest investment that you can make” he continued. Watch his full statement here

We would be immensely grateful if you would consider including us in your year-end giving. As Johnson said, there is no better time to invest in the battle for biblical principles in the public sphere.


Friendsthe upcoming November 18th election will determine the outcome of two statewide school board seats in Louisiana, among many other state offices. The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education plays a pivotal role in shaping curriculum, classroom policies, program budgets, and regulations governing early education as well as overseeing administrators and teachers. As Christian conservatives who care deeply about our children’s education, we cannot afford to neglect our civic duty to vote in less than three weeks! 



In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Investing in our children’s education is one of the greatest ways to preserve our liberties for generations to come. That’s why LFF has launched a Classroom to Classroom campaign to provide 1,750 Louisiana schools with a package of 12"x18" — ”In God We Trust" posters, free of charge. Learn more and help us achieve this goal HERE.


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