November 4, 2022


363,009 Louisiana residents (~12% of all of the state’s registered voters) cast an early ballot vote ahead of the midterm election. Forty-two percent were Democrats; 43% were Republicans.

One US Senate race, five contested US House races, and 8 constitutional amendments are on the ballot next Tuesday, November 8.

Make sure you forward to friends and family LFF’s before Tuesday!

“God, we implore you to heal Louisiana and our nation – help us discern the 'right' course, for your blessing and favor, let it begin this Tuesday!”


Many recall a decade ago, we warned that the legalization of “same-sex marriage” would open the door to the acceptance of polygamy and the "procurement" of children. Now, some same-sex pairs are demanding the right to obtain a child through surrogate mothers by virtue of an employer’s insurance plan.

Breakpoint from the Colson Center covers a recent court case on the issue here. The authors, John Stonestreet and Maria Baer, write:

The cultural calculus goes like this… In order to create “same-sex marriage,” it must be argued that marriage and children have nothing really to do with each other. Technologies, such as egg and sperm donation, in vitro fertilization, and surrogacy, make it possible for people who are not in a procreative heterosexual union to procure children. After these two conditions are secured, the argument is now made that marriage and children really do go together, that children are one of the “trappings” of marriage. Once same-sex relationships are legally called marriage and technology is available to make children outside of a heterosexual union, those who have deliberately chosen a sterile same-sex relationship now claim the right to children or else, you know, discrimination.


According to a recent poll “among people 18 to 29, 42 percent affirm that there is absolute truth, while 55 percent said that each individual ‘determines their own version of truth.’”

For 30-40 years old, 50% affirm there’s absolute truth; 41- 55 years old, 49%; those between 55- 65, 67%; and those over 65, 64%. 

There is Hope if we engage this next generation with the compelling truth of the Gospel. The core issue of eroding foundations plagues young adults, our nation and the world. If a heart and soul is bereft of God as moral Authority, then he or she will make something else – often, their own “version” of truth – their guiding authority.

Good news - It’s a great time to be alive, if you happen to have the answer. We do - lets share it! Pray for a revival and restoration!


Friends, prayer is a powerful tool God offers every believer to receive instruction, insight and “intelligence” from His throne. Employ this tool with obedience and we will impact this generation!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Congrats Benjamin Netanyahu - The Comeback King

P.P.S. Houston, we have a rally underway...congrats, Houston Astros!

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