December 3, 2021

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday, the US Supreme Court heard a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade. I and dozens of allied organizations from around the country are here in DC assessing our "next steps" in a post-Roe America. Louisiana Family Forum submitted this amicus brief to the US Supreme Court. Additionally, LFF has joined with the Family Policy Alliance in the After Roe campaign. Our vision: An Abortion-Free America! 

Imagine with me: 50 pro-life states! Many legal experts believe Roe v. Wade’s days are numbered. But a Roe reversal does not automatically outlaw abortion across America. Instead, experts agree that the most likely outcome will be that each state would be responsible for regulating abortion and the destiny of their unborn children.  

After Roe's reversal, medically-induced abortion in Louisiana - the sole purpose of which is to end a child's life - will be prohibited by our state Constitution. But the fight for protecting the unborn child is not going to end after Roe. We need to restore a respect-life ethic.

Click here to watch a brief video on what abortion will look like in Louisiana after Roe.

Even before the court's expected June 2022 opinion, the After Roe effort will be advancing in Louisiana.

Louisiana AG Jeff Landry, who had filed a brief in support of Mississippi’s 15-week ban on abortion, commented, “By 15 weeks, children in the womb not only have formed all their major organs; but they also can feel pain. It is past time for our laws to reflect the science – protecting the health of the mother and the life of her unborn baby.”

Please pray for US Supreme Court justices by name for wisdom and conviction in preparation of their respective Dobbs briefs and then let’s prepare for life after Roe!


We wrote Tuesday about a federal judge who blocked the implementation of Biden’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers at facilities receiving federal funds. Judge Schelp’s ruling only applied to 10 states, however.

Later that day, a federal judge in Louisiana dealt an even bigger blow to Biden’s mandate. Judge Terry A. Doughty in the U.S. District Court Western District of Louisiana issued a parallel ruling to Judge Schelp’s, except Doughty’s decision is effective nationwide. 

In Judge Doughty’s ruling, he stated:

"If the executive branch is allowed to usurp the power of the legislative branch to make laws, two of the three powers conferred by our Constitution would be in the same hands. If human nature and history teach anything, it is that civil liberties face grave risks when governments proclaim indefinite states of emergency.

During a pandemic such as this one, it is even more important to safeguard the separation of powers set forth in our Constitution to avoid erosion of our liberties."

Pray that the judicial system continues to do its job correctly!


The Louisiana Supreme Court has officially given the go-ahead for a vote on the proposed Slidell casino in St. Tammany Parish. The measure will appear on the ballot December 11th. 

Early voting is underway through Saturday, December 4 from 8:30 am-6 pm and the deadline to request an absentee ballot is Dec. 7 by 4:30 pm.

Notably, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Randy Smith and Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal warned a casino could bring increased crime to our community, and as LFF and other local groups have cautioned, the casino will likely negatively impact families with increased gambling addictions.

St. Tammany Parish: make sure you get out to vote! 


Friendsit was such a long-awaited moment on Wednesday to hear the oral arguments at SCOTUS, to join the allies we’ve labored with for over four decades, and to see our champion, Mississippi Solicitor General Scott G Stewart, masterfully navigate a principled argument for life and utterly debunk the technical machinations of the more liberal justices. I truly believe that Roe will be reversed, and when that happens, we will celebrate an Abortion-Free Louisiana and give thanks to God.

When Roe is reversed, we will still be engaged in a spiritual battle, and we must double our commitment to reach hearts and minds. 

God bless you for engaging this battle with us.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. We are hearing there is a possible SCOTUS meeting happening right now to cast votes. This is an URGENT prayer request. Please offer your prayers!

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