December 10, 2021

Dear Friends,

The kids are not ok! A new study showed that 14% of children ages 9-12 had shared a nude picture online. This number doubled from a survey taken the last year. And 21% of kids in the same age group said they think it’s normal for children their age to do so.

Nothing is more precious than the innocence of a child, and the children are in grave danger: spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Screen time, social media, lack of Christian homes, and lack of role models contribute to this trend. So, too, are the disturbing presentations kids see in classrooms and the pornographic Hollywood.

We need God’s intervention. But we also need to take action to protect our children. Click here for internet tips to protect your kids and home. It is up to us to be countercultural leaders and push back against the current, dangerous trajectory for our children.

Another federal judge has blocked President Biden’s vaccine mandate for all federal contractors in all 50 states!

In Louisiana, a House committee rejected the attempt to add the COVID-19 “shots for tots”  to the list of required vaccines for children to attend school. The bipartisan vote tallied 13- 2 to reject the recommendation.

House Speaker Clay Schexnayder opened the hearing by saying this was a “line in the sand:”

“I am not an anti-vaccine person. I never imagined that before COVID I would have to come and take a stand against the [governor's] administration on mandating a shot for school-age students against the will of their parents.”

The final decision lies with Governor Edwards, who has indicated he would override the representatives’ bipartisan vote.

I expect at that point that AG Jeff Landry, who has a string of victories on this issue and who testified against the unnecessary measure, to move to stop "shots for tots" in state court! 


Tomorrow, December 11, is an important day to get out and vote, especially for St. Tammany Parish!

Local law enforcement has warned a casino will likely increase crime in the area. Gambling’s addictive nature and a new casino in St. Tammany Parish will impact families.

Please get out to vote tomorrow, and click here if you need a refresher on what your local polling place is! Here is one pastor’s perspective on why this matters. 


FriendsGod calls us as image-bearers to lead in all aspects of our lives. At work, in the home, within our communities – we must reflect God’s light, realizing that you may be a stranger’s only encounter with the gospel.

There’s much work to do – but let’s be joyful in doing it!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Transparency for Government, Privacy for People: find out how donor privacy is being threatened.

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