April 1, 2022

Dear Friends,

An odd week at the Capitol...

This week in Louisiana Politics is one for the history books; the Louisiana Legislature held two sessions at the State Capitol in one week! Both Houses of the legislature met in the Regular Session on Monday and Tuesday and then suspended the Regular and convened an Override Session on Wednesday. A recess until Sunday followed their finished work in the override session.

On Wednesday, GOP lawmakers successfully voted to override Governor Edwards’ congressional map veto. This was the first time in thirty-one years that a Louisiana governor’s veto has been overturned. Edwards' veto was in favor of a new, Black Congressional district. The veto override moves the question over congressional districts to a federal court resolve, which was inevitable. A lawsuit has already been filed.

What’s the impact of this vote going forward? Recall the legislature fell two votes shy of a veto override of Sen. Beth Mizell’s Fairness Women's Sports Act in 2021. The fact that the legislature was successful in an override on redistricting proves favorable for the women's sports bill this year. SB 44 is expected to be heard as soon next week!

The Regular Session resumes Monday, April 4. Here's what else happened this week:

✅HB 88 by Rep. Lance Harris - Requires public schools to provide instruction in observance of Celebrate Freedom Week and Constitution Day/Week each September  PASSED HOUSE

✅HB 234 by Rep. Schlegel - Prohibits smoking/vaping marijuana in any form in a motor vehicle by operator or passenger on a public highway PASSED HOUSE TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE

❌HB 450 by Rep. C Owen - Allows adoptees 24 years or older to obtain a copy of the original birth certificate even if the birth mom has the expectation of confidentiality PASSED THE HOUSE

✅HB 568 by Rep. Edmonds - Prohibits making false representations to induce the payment of living expenses or other benefits in an adoption placement  PASSED HOUSE


From Gary Bauer with American Values Action:

"President Joe Biden today gave a full-throated endorsement to the radical transgender movement. He directed federal agencies to issue new rules and regulations forcing this extreme agenda throughout the entire government and on every state and community in the country.  

For example, the Transportation Security Administration announced that it is streamlining "security checkpoints for transgender, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming airline passengers." I really have no idea what that means or why it would require special changes to the process that the rest of us must endure.

Biden also grossly lied about efforts at the state level to resist this bizarre agenda. He blasted the legislation moving through the states as an attack on transgender children. 

As usual, he's got it exactly backwards. Parents are trying to protect their children from the left's gender insanity! Here's the truth about the kinds of bills that are being advanced in the states."


A leaked video revealed Disney employees bragging about exposing LGBT themes to children.

The video was obtained by a journalist during a meeting in which Disney employees voiced outrage over Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill which was signed into law earlier this week.

Executive Producer Latoya Raveneau explained that Disney was very welcoming of her pro-LGBT ideas after she joined the company. “I was just, wherever I could, just basically adding queerness,” she said. “No one would stop me, and no one was trying to stop me.”

A reference was also made to Disney’s Reimagine Tomorrow initiative, a program where “50% of regular and recurring characters across Disney General Entertainment scripted content will come from underrepresented groups” by 2022.

Be mindful of what your children and grandchildren are consuming.


Friends, this legislative session we are faced with many important bills. From protecting fairness in women’s sports and prohibiting harmful gender drugs and surgeries for minors to expanding school choice and education reform, we have the opportunity to transform our state for the better. Please pray for our lawmakers that they would actively listen to the concerns of their constituents and vote for legislation that benefits all families in Louisiana.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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