December 7, 2021

Dear Friends

On Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit rejected the Biden administration’s effort to move the lawsuit on COVID-19 shot mandates into a more favorable court.

The 6th Circuit also denied Biden's effort to overturn the current hold on the mandate. 

Gov. John Bel Edwards faced his own bipartisan opposition in House committee yesterday from legislators disturbed by the attempt to mandate the COVID-19 shot for students to attend school.

Several lawsuits were consolidated into one legal challenge, including the lawsuit from LFF Advisory Board Member and grocer Brandon Trosclair, and the 6th circuit was randomly selected in a lottery system as the court system to hear the case. The Biden administration had hoped to move the case to a more favorable venue.

The “I will not comply movement” appears likely to reach the US Supreme Court. Stay tuned!


Last Wednesday, Biden judicial nominee Dale Ho sat through a confirmation hearing and Senator Cruz (TX) and Senator Kennedy (LA) asked Mr. Ho some scathing questions. 

Ho has described himself in the past as a “wild-eyed Leftist” and in January, he wrote an op-ed referring to the Republican Party as an “anti-democratic virus.”

Senator Cruz reminded Ho of how he had previously communicated this:

“But as a colleague of mine asked me over lunch recently, Dale, do you do this because you want to help people or because you hate conservatives?

What he was getting at is that anger can, in fact, be a tremendous source of power. For me [Ho], righteous indignation can provide a sense of moral clarity and motivate the long hours needed to get the work done.”

When it was Senator Kennedy’s turn to ask questions, he made a very simple observation: 

“We don’t need federal judges who are angry.” 👊⬇️🎤


Across the country, startling reports of schools facilitating the “gender transition” of a child behind parents’ backs are becoming common.

It reflects the pervasive evil that is rocking our entire culture and society.

As a reminder, Louisiana’s Preamble to the Children’s Code exists for a reason. It states, in part:

The people of Louisiana recognize the family as the most fundamental unit of human society; that preserving families is essential to a free society…that parents have the paramount right to raise their children in accordance with their own values and traditions…

Parental rights are the bedrock of society. Government-run education cannot supplant parental authority, nor can educational bureaucrats be trusted to respect those rights. We must keep them accountable.


Friendswe need to be “happy warriors.” We may never forfeit the fight for what’s true and just, we must engage error joyfully, knowing that it is a righteous cause we fight for. With that I remind you a post-Roe v. Wade country is coming and life #AfterRoe requires our preparation. 

LFF is part of a nationwide campaign to prepare each of the 50 states for life #AfterRoe. We need you to stay engaged, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ as we work to change hearts and minds on abortion.

To Him be the glory!

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Although early voting is over, the deadline to request an absentee ballot for this Saturday’s election is today by 4:30pm. St. Tammany Parish voters, make sure to vote, especially with the proposed casino on the ballot!


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