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LFF Statement on SB 44 - the Fairness in Women's Sports Act

Louisiana Family Forum is pleased with Governor John Bel Edwards’ decision to allow the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act (SB 44 by Senator Beth Mizell) to go into law without his signature. Edwards’ decision not to veto the measure again is consistent with distinctively Louisiana values and the bipartisan support this bill has garnered in consecutive legislative sessions.

This law protects female athletes from having to compete against biological men. Women had to fight for a competitive playing field and should not be sidelined in their own arena. Allowing males to exploit women’s sports reverses 50 years of progress, ignores biological reality, and discriminates against all women.

Women in Louisiana deserve a level playing field. Allowing males to take over women's sports destroys competition, harms women, and dashes the hopes and dreams of women athletes.

Governor Edwards rightfully understood that the legislature is resolved and united in ensuring that Louisiana women compete fairly and safely.

Gene Mills, president of LFF, released this statement:

“The people of Louisiana have spoken through their elected officials. Our state must preserve fairness and dignity for women in Louisiana. There is ample evidence that this bill is necessary and will only increase in importance based on what we are seeing happen around our country. Our profound gratitude goes to Senator Beth Mizell and Representative Laurie Schlegel for shepherding this important legislation successfully through the legislative process.

Fairness in Women’s Sports is an imperative and protective measure for our daughters, sisters, nieces, and granddaughters. Louisiana residents resolutely agree with SB 44" continued Mills. “We thank Governor Edwards for making the right decision."

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